Take It From Me: Fashionable Accessories That You Can Pair Up With Your Dog

May 6, 2016

Fashionable Accessories That You Can Pair Up With Your Dog

If you are a dog owner then you know the incredible bond between you and your pet pooch, as dogs are more than just best friends they’re family. Dog accessories are now becoming more and more fashionable especially nowadays where owners want to showcase their love and admiration for their pets with matching outfits and accessories. Those owners who want to make a bold impression with their pet while out and about can with all sorts of different accessories.

Co-Ordinate Outfits

An easy way you and your dog can step out onto the streets with matching accessories is to match your dog’s collar and lead with your own outfit and style. Dog leashes can also help build the bond between owner and dog, as with a leash, owners and dog are literally connected during a walk which can help your pooch feel like you are a unit. There are now countless styles of dog collars Urban Pup provide, so if you have certain look whether that’s more punk with skulls and roses or more traditional and cute with floral retro prints they have everything to suit all trends and tastes. Dog collars can also identify your pets own personality as well, so even if you don’t exactly want to match your dog to your style it can help showcase their own style.

Matching Bling

If you like to accessorise with jewellery then you’re in luck as you can now add bling to your pet’s collar as well. There are subtle ways you can add a bit of sparkle to your pet pooch’s collar with diamante personalised dog collars, not only will these add some bling, you and your pet can be a matching duo but as these can be personalised they are also completely unique depending on your preferences. Another easy way to add some sparkle is by adding a collar charm, these also come in an array of colours and styles an can be found in popular pet shops as well as many websites dedicated to dog accessories. If there is a special occasion or you want to go all out and spoil your dog you can get crystal dog necklace which are rather similar to collars but can’t be worn at all times or used instead of a collar.

All In The Shoes

Dog owners may have heard about shoes and socks for dogs, and although it may sound slightly strange they can actually protect your dog’s feet. Certain elements can actually hurt your dog’s feet including ice, snow, hot weather, and other chemicals that may be on pavements that can damage paws and make it hard for your pet to walk or run. Dog shoes and socks can also help protect your dog’s paws especially if they have had an operation and if you have a slippery floor at home it could help them keep their balance. Always remember to find shoes and socks that are a comfortable fit for your pet. If you’re an owner who likes to match and co-ordinate with your pup then you can easily find matching trainers or socks to go with your own pair of shoes, perfect when you both step out for morning walks, or daily runs.

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