Take It From Me: The Minimalist Guide to Decorating a Kids’ Room {Guest Post}

October 13, 2015

The Minimalist Guide to Decorating a Kids’ Room {Guest Post}

**We are so excited to have guest blogger Kaitlin Krull from Modernize.com share her awesome lifestyle tips on decorating kids rooms.

Less is more.

We’ve all heard the phrase, but probably not in reference to anything child-related. If you have kids, you (and we at Modernize) know exactly how hard it is to eliminate clutter around the house. Mounds of stuffed animals and Legos seem to fill entire rooms, and your child’s bedroom is probably the worst culprit.

If all of this stresses you out, then it’s time to nip it in the bud. Here are some handy tips to create a crisp, clean, and tidy minimalist bedroom space for your little tornadoes.

Essentials only
This first rule is pretty self-explanatory: the more you have in a room, the more cluttered and untidy it will be. By keeping only the things your kids really need in their bedrooms and storing the rest in the playroom, you will have less mess working against your design goals. If you are short on space, get clever with your storage. Large built-in storage units, underbed boxes, and seating/storage combinations all work well to hide the mess. Choose units with sleek finishes and clean edges to make everything seem extra neat and tidy.
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Find a focal point
To some of us, a minimalist room can seem boring. Your minimalist children’s bedroom should seem anything but boring. When decorating, choose a large, bold modern art print to hang on the wall, or decorate an entire wall with polka dots, stripes, or even chalkboard paint. If you’d rather stick to traditional plain walls, make the furniture the focus of the room. Brightly colored furniture works just as well as wall art in adding character to your minimalist room.
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Experiment with color
While it may be true that monochrome is a minimalist’s dream, it’s okay to stray from tradition once in awhile. A few pops of color in your bedroom furniture, bedding, or accessories will go a long way to keeping your kids’ bedroom whimsical and child-friendly. Bright green, orange, or blue work especially well against a black and white background, so don’t be afraid to be bold.
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Keep it comfortable
To keep your minimalist kids’ room from feeling emotionally (or literally) cold, invest in a large high-pile rug or a few cushions for extra comfort. Choose lush, soft fabrics that ooze coziness and make up for the intentional lack of teddy bears in the room. Center your rug in the room if you have hardwood floors, and store cushions in a corner for reading and relaxing.
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Tidy up
Finally, cleanliness and maintenance are key when it comes to keeping a minimalist kids’ bedroom. If your child is old enough, encourage regular tidying away of toys and clothes into your hidden storage spaces. For babies, clean-up will be infinitely easier: keep the room exactly how you like it. If you have a toddler, then good luck to you.
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