Take It From Me: Be a Chemical Free Mom with WaterWipes {Review} #WaterWipes

September 8, 2015

Be a Chemical Free Mom with WaterWipes {Review} #WaterWipes

"I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for WaterWipes. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation."

Before my first child was born, I never fully understood what it meant to be a mom. I thought I knew what it would be like, especially since I have a great mom and have watched her raise us. I took notes on what to do, but when that day came when my daughter came into this world, my life changed forever. 

I have four kids now and I love them more than words can explain. I am beginning to have a glimpse of what it was like for my own mom and the love she feels for me and my siblings. 

As a mom, I want my kids to grow up to be happy and successful, generous and hard-working, and most importantly I want them to be healthy. Teaching kids the importance of being healthy at a young age is crucial because our habits as an adult are greatly related to what we did when we were young. This can be from the foods we eat and are putting IN our bodies to the products we put ON our bodies, such as shampoo and lotion.

Having a chemical free home can be extremely overwhelming at first because there will be so much to change. Something that has helped me greatly is choosing one thing to change at a time. Once you have switched over that one item, look around your house and see what you can switch next. 

I am always learning about new products and there is always something I can be better at. A great example of this is WaterWipes!  A few months ago I was introduced to a chemical free baby wipe that only contains two ingredients, 99.9% purified Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. This product really intrigued me because it was a product that I had yet to switch over and a product we use ALL THE TIME! 

I am now addicted to WaterWipes and because I love them so much I have become a WaterWipes Ambassador and will be featuring WaterWipes on our blog over the next few months–yay!

The one reason I love having WaterWipes with me at all times is the fact that my kids are ALWAYS messy!

Whether I am changing my daughter's diaper, wiping off my boy's muddy hands, or cleaning ALL four of my kids' faces on the way to church, these wipes are incredibly durable and I can wipe them all over their bodies without wondering what nasty chemicals I am smearing on their skin.

If you have kids with super sensitive skin and/or eczema these wipes are perfect because they have absolutely no chemicals and have been recognized by the National Eczema Association, receiving a 4 out of 5 Seal of Acceptance Rating.

Check out the WaterWipes YouTube video below and click HERE to go to their site to learn more! 

Also, follow WaterWipes on Social Media!


  1. as a grandma who loves to offer my little ones the best I love chemical free and have been known to make my own before
    come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  2. I wish they would have had these when my boys were in diapers. Not so many harsh chemicals so they seem great! I love that there are more companies out there now making things safer for parents.

  3. These are awesome wipes to try out. I have never heard of them, but I like that they are not filled with chemicals and good for babies skin! I like it when safer products are made for Mom and baby!!

  4. I have not tried this brand before. Thank you for the review!

  5. wow these are a must try!! I have never tried this brand before


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