Take It From Me: How to use Groupon Coupons & Pages

June 17, 2015

How to use Groupon Coupons & Pages

Today I hopped onto my computer early in the morning and ordered some vitamins from Vitacost.com.  Vitacost.com is one of my favorite stores to shop at online because I always save a ton of money when shopping for our essentials like toothpaste, vitamins, cold medicine, fish oil and lots more. 

I am always looking to save money anyway I can, so I was estactic to hear that Groupon has partnered with more than 8,600 national retailers, including Vitacost.com, to launch a service called Groupon Coupons.

This new service is completely free and a great way to save loads of money. You'll find thousands of coupons and exclusive promo codes from stores like Macy's, eBay, Nice, and more. 

Along with this new service Groupon has recently launched a new feature called Pages. Pages is a directory of businesses across the country, including thousands of restaurants. 

Each restaurant can customize their own page and can include basic information (address, takes credit cards, etc.), tips for what to order, reviews, links to Groupon deals, and more.

I really love using Groupon and can't wait to start using Groupons new pages, especially when looking for a place to eat! I searched for a pizza joint near our house and found Skuddlebutts Pizza. I enjoyed checking out their page and finding out more about this restaurant. There were great reviews, gluten free options and great deals! 

Search for a restaurant near you and have fun shopping! 


  1. Coupons are the best, and Groupon always give the best deals. I would absolutely check this out. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I have never used groupons but I love using coupons. I will have to check Groupon Coupons out.


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