Take It From Me: Double Ad Wednesday at Fresh Thyme #FreshThyme

May 13, 2015

Double Ad Wednesday at Fresh Thyme #FreshThyme

If you are a mom you are busy, it's a fact. There are so many things to get done during the day, some days all I am doing is running from one place to another trying to keep our life in some kind of order.

…And when it comes to feeding my family there has to be order or we'll eat cereal for dinner all week.

To keep us moms happy and our kids' tummies full, Fresh Thyme has introduced the Double Ad Wednesday–pure genius! Double Ad Wednesday is that precious day when the previous week's ad and new ad overlap for TWICE the amount of items on sale.

This allows me to visit the store only once a week and snag all the sales instead of trying to figure out when the old ad ends and the new one begins.

Now I have more time to spend with my family and less time running back and forth to the store for each week's sales.

Enjoy Your Wednesday! 


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