Take It From Me: Educate and Empower your Kids with 30 Days of Sex Talks {Review & Giveaway}

April 17, 2015

Educate and Empower your Kids with 30 Days of Sex Talks {Review & Giveaway}

A few months ago my daughter who is in 2nd grade came home and told me that a boy in her class was talking about sex.  Apparently he said that "for New Years you have to get a girl and have sex with her" and that "sex is how you have babies."  I was both horrified and angered when she told me.  I was fully prepared to give my children "sex talks" but had no idea they would be introduced to it at such a young age and I surely did NOT want her learning about sex from someone other than me!  I had to decide how I would approach things and as I was thinking about what to do I began to reflect on when I was a kid and learned about sex. 

The truth is, I grew up learning more about sex from my friends than I did from my parents.  My two girl cousins and I got "the dreaded sex talk" when we were teenagers at a sleepover.  My mom and my aunt (the girls' mom) sat us all down and tried to explain the details about sexual intercourse in the most conservative way possible.  But I already knew what sex was and was mostly embarrassed at my mom struggling to keep her composure through all of the gory details.  Truth was I grew up in a place where most people did not have the same views and opinions on sex as my family and I was exposed to a lot of gross, disgusting, and confusing things as a kid that I didn't even fully understand.  And if I thought it was bad when I was a kid, boy have things changed!  Kids are being introduced to sexual content WAY younger than before and there is so much out there in the world that can confuse and even harm our children.
Which is why we need a little bit of a sexual reform in our society.  We need to educate and empower our children with all of the good things sex has to offer and combat all of the harmful and negative things that it can bring such as addiction, pornography, low self-esteem, and more.  We want our kids to develop a healthy sexuality and a great way to do this is by talking to your children.  EducateEmpowerKids.org is a great organization and resource for helping you do this as they help you to take that action and become the first and best source on everything from healthy sexuality, to positive relationships, to the importance of being true to oneself. They want you to "be the best parent you can be for your child by educating yourself, and empowering your child through nurturing and confident communication."  They have a ton resources on their website as well as series of books called "30 Days of Sex Talks: Empowering Your Child with Knowledge of Sexual Intimacy" which I recently had the opportunity to review.  There are three books in the series  Volume One is for Ages 3-7, Volume Two for Ages 8-11, and Volume Three For Ages 12+.  
Man was I glad to have these books!  They outline specific discussions to have with your children so that you can cover all of the important subjects and material surrounding sex.  The designs of the books are awesome!  They outline really simple topics and allow you to direct the conversation and flow.  You decide what is appropriate, what you are comfortable talking about, and incorporate your values and cultural beliefs in to the discussions.  With my kids being so young, we started off small.  I made the discussions fun and engaging.  At times we acted out scenarios and even had a fashion show.  Even with all of the entertainment, our conversations were real.  At times I delved deep in to things and was taken back by all of the knowledge my kids had about things.  Some of the things we talked about included being in charge of our bodies, knowing the difference between a good touch and a bad touch, and yes, we even talked about where babies come from.
Each time we got out our book, I felt like my kids were eager to learn and to ask questions.  And instead of being horrified or embarrassed, because I had prepared ahead of time by reading the outline and instructions in the book, I felt ready to answer them!
My oldest daughter (the one in 2nd grade) definitely has the most knowledge and understanding about things.  She will be turning 8 soon which means I will be moving on to the next book with her.  I have already looked it over and even though some of the topics seem scary, the fact that the average age of a child’s first exposure to pornography is 11 let's me know that it WILL be the right time to start these discussions.
My overall experience with these books have been great!  They are a great tool and resource for parents and I would love to see them in every home.  I love the simplistic outline, how vital and direct each message is, the cool extras like the quizzes and downloadable cards which help guide your lessons, and more!
EducateEmpowerKids is giving A SET OF THEIR 30 DAYS OF SEX TALKS BOOKS to one of our lucky readers!!
A big THANK YOU to EducateEmpowerKids  for providing me with a free books to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


  1. AnyThing that could he make these talks easier would be great!

  2. I think it's important to talk to kids about these issues.

  3. I would like this for our son - he will start kindergarten in the fall and I just cringe when I think about what other kids might "teach" him.

  4. I would love to win this for my future kids!

  5. They sound like an interesting way to talk about it.

  6. I have a 4 year old son and two nephews ages 6 and 8 so these would be quite helpful =)

  7. It is hard to talk about something like this and this would give me some good ideas of where to start and go

  8. I think these are FANTASTIC resources that every parent should have on hand!

  9. this are simple books for a hard parent topic

  10. I never had the sex talk with my parents. It's very had to ask. It's interesting that books like these are created. The generation now definitely needs to be informed or educated about this. Thank you for sharing.

  11. I love these, it certainly would have made it easy when my son was growing up. Great books!


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