Take It From Me: An Unexpected Absence: Family First

February 5, 2015

An Unexpected Absence: Family First

So you may have been wondering what happened to us...I promise we didn't leave you!  Honestly as mothers sometimes life throws you curve balls and when the health and well-being or your family is involved, you just need to make sure they are taken care of first.  About a month ago after we had all finally gotten back from our holiday vacations and life was starting to settle back in to place, my family got the horrible flu bug.  And boy, was it terrible!  I'm talking day after day of puking and stomach problems.  It started with the baby and then slowly one after the other, our whole family got a turn with the nasty bug.  After two weeks we all seemed to be better but for some reason my baby (who had gotten sick first) remained very sick.  Once three weeks hit and he still wasn't getting better, we noticed his body was starting to pretty much shut down.  He was loosing a lot of weight, refused to eat or drink, wanted to sleep all day, and would not even interact at all.  As a mother I had that gut feeling that something was desperately wrong with him and started to take him to doctors, urgent care after urgent care, and finally hospital after hospital.  He was severely dehydrated, not getting any nutrients, and his poor little body just couldn't take it.  Day after day I held him hoping and praying for him to get better.  Finally after multiple hospital visits, his doctor decided to "re-boot" his system so that he could heal and start to get better.  It took several days of crying and frustration from both the baby and I but slowly we began to see signs of hope, that his body was recovering.  Now after over a month of misery, my little guy is finally getting back to his old self again.
There were many days when I desperately wanted to blog and get back to work, but my baby needed me.  He needed me and I needed to be there for him.  So while I am sorry I wasn't able to post or pick winners from giveaways that had ended...ultimately family comes first and I hope that our readers are okay with that and will understand.

On a happier note--now that my baby is doing better, there is a lot of catching up to do.  So here are some LONG OVERDUE winners:


  1. So happy your baby is better. It must have been so upsetting and scary to see him so sick. Hope the new year brings all of you health and happiness.
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. Oh that is such great news he is going better!!! That is so hard to see your little ones so sick! So scary!!!

  3. That's so terrifying as a mom! I'm just glad that your son is healing!

  4. There really isn't anything worse than watching your baby go through something and feel helpless not being able to help him. Thank you for your sweet comments!


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