Take It From Me: Share the LOVE with The Bouqs Co. {Review}

January 22, 2015

Share the LOVE with The Bouqs Co. {Review}

It's almost Valentine's Day and nothing shows your love for someone quite like some beautiful fresh flowers straight from a volcano! The Bouqs Company delivers fresh, gorgeous bouquets, plus the shipping is FREE-- always.

Last month I gave someone some flowers for their birthday. I didn't realize how much it meant to them until they personally thanked me again for their gift weeks later. It brought so much joy to me knowing that those flowers meant so much to them. Cheesy I know, but so true! Flowers can do incredible things.

I first saw The Bouqs Company when they were featured on the Shark Tank. I was very impressed with their pitch and liked what their company stood for. I did a bit more research on their company and found out some neat things about them! They treat their workers with respect while paying them well. They also are constantly thinking about their ecological footprint because unlike other companies whose flowers sit in a refrigerator for weeks using up a lot of energy, The Bouqs only cut their flowers when they are ordered, so no flower goes to waste. I had never thought about this before and realized that it is actually really sad to think about the labor, water, and energy that is used to grow and store flowers for them to just go to waste.

Thankfully The Bouqs Company has gotten it all right and has created a company that not only produces absolutely beautiful flowers, but takes care of the Earth while doing so!

We partnered with The Bouqs Company not too long ago and was very excited to feature them on our blog! They let me choose a stunning bouquet from their site and I was able to go through the process which was fast and easy.

I chose the Desperado - Original, which included a dozen roses with accents. I was very excited when these flowers arrived on my doorstep - what mom wouldn't want a dozen roses showing up at their door?


The instructions were printed clearly on the side of the box and were very easy to understand. After arranging the flowers I brought them in and displayed them on my dinner table. I think I spent most of the day sitting at my table just staring at my beautiful flowers, but who could blame me they were gorgeous! 

My Desperado bouquet was a hit at my party that night and lasted for a very long time. These were very enjoyable and worth every penny!

Cheer up a friend and order some beautiful flowers from The Bouqs Company

Disclosure: I received a product for this review. These opinions are 100% my own.


  1. WOW! the flowers are gorgeous! I have not heard of this company and will have to remember to look their if I want some flowers. Would be great for Valentine's Day!

  2. These flowers are gorgeous! I need to send flowers more often! thanks for the review!

  3. Wow they have some beautiful flowers! Very pretty colors, love the roses.

  4. These are really beautiful. I love to give flowers. This company is new to me will be bookmarking it thank you.

  5. These flower are lovely. Anyone would be happy to receive any of these from this company. It seems terrific.
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