Take It From Me: Time to Change the World with 1:Face Watch {Review}

November 13, 2014

Time to Change the World with 1:Face Watch {Review}

Sometimes you find products or companies that make such a huge impact on your life.  The minute I heard about 1:Face and their amazing product and mission, I knew I had to do my part to help spread the word about this amazing company.  "{Their} story starts with the belief that one person, literally, can change the world...."
Just watching that video alone sent chills through my body and tears down my face.  Oh man, how sad it is to be reminded of the millions of people near and far who are in need.  In need of food to feed their families, medical assistance, and simply clean water.  The fact that 1:Face has made it possible of allowing the purchase one watch (I mean who couldn't use a stylish watch?!) to make such a profound difference in the world is just astounding!!
YOU have the ability to feed a child, support patients through medical treatments, and provide impoverished people with needed goods and water. YOU have the ability to help change the world.  Buy purchasing a 1:Face Watch, you have the opportunity to support nine different causes: cancer, hunger, breast cancer, clean water, disaster relief, environment, AIDS, education, and animal rights.  Each watch has it's own color and impact.  For example 1 Hunger Watch (White) = Food for 10 people, 1 Cancer Watch (Black) = Support for 8 cancer patients, 1 AIDS Watch (Red) = Aids treatment for 4 children, 4 Water Watches (White Band with Yellow Face) = Lifetime of water for 1 person, 9 Breast Cancer Watches (Pink) = A Mammogram, 1 Animals Watch (Orange)= Helps find an animal a loving home, 4 Environment Watches (Blue) = 1 charcoal efficient stove, 5 Education Watches (Yellow) = 1 year of education, 1 Disaster Watch (White Band with Red Face) = Food for 3 disaster victims.  1:Face is committed to bringing about change, worldwide and allows you to help with their cause.
My husband and I have been taking turns wearing the Black Cancer 1:Face Watch we received.  We love the unisex design so that men and women can wear them and we love the sleek, stylish look of the watch.  It is so fun to tell people about the watch and about 1:Face's mission to change the world.  The watch has also given some extra meaning to my husband as he has been wearing it during his back to back Cancer Rotations in a few hospitals for his last year of schooling.
Join in on this awesome movement to change the world 1:Face at a time and visit the 1:Face Watch website to purchase their items!!
A big THANK YOU to 1:Face for providing me with a free watch to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


  1. This is pretty awesome. Our boys' Papa passed away of pancreatic cancer last December. I like that buying these watches helps with a variety of causes. If I wore a watch I'd definitely get one. Even then, they are great as gifts. I'll keep them in mind as the holiday season comes up. Thanks for the review!

  2. I love stuff like this! Beautiful watch and your helping others at the same time!!


  3. So sad!- the video. But the cause is great and would love to be a part of it

  4. I love how each color represents a way to help a different thing, very cool idea, and I love the stylish look of the watches.

  5. What a wonderful idea. I have never heard of this, but I do think it is terrific.
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