Take It From Me: How To: Apply Clip-in Hair Extensions in 5 Minutes with CC Hair Extensions

November 25, 2014

How To: Apply Clip-in Hair Extensions in 5 Minutes with CC Hair Extensions

If you are like me you probably wish your hair was a little longer but don't have the patience to wait the YEARS it might take for it to grow to your desired length. OR you may just like to go back and forth between a shorter and longer hair style on a day-to-day basis. If either of these things describe you then CC Hair Extensions are for you!

With CC Hair Extensions you can have longer hair in 5 minutes or less! These babies are easily applied and stay in all day long without slipping. They are made of real human hair so they are high quality and can be straightened, curled, colored and cut just like regular hair. Although with each treatment the condition may deteriorate slightly the quality will easily give you years of use.

Lots of people are worried about ordering hair extensions online because it may seem hard to find the exact right color. This however should not be a concern. CC Hair Extensions will exchange extensions that are the wrong color and due to natural hair color variations you are very unlikely to receive a set that does not blend perfectly with your hair.

Are you wondering how to apply your hair extensions? Watch my video tutorial below to learn how to easily apply your extensions in 5 minutes or less!

You can browse CC Hair Extensions and find the perfect set for your hair on this site!

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post, I received a complimentary product so I could test it out and form an opinion, all thoughts and opinions are my own. Your experience may vary.

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