Take It From Me: "Dress Up With Me Mom!": Don't let yourself get in the way of having a Happy Halloween!

October 10, 2014

"Dress Up With Me Mom!": Don't let yourself get in the way of having a Happy Halloween!

A few months ago I read an article shared on Facebook of a mom begging more women to stop letting their insecurities with their bodies ruin opportunities for spending time quality time together with their children.  She explained how even though she didn't necessarily want to get in to a swimsuit (after having three kids left her with rolls, a muffin top, and more), she knew that she would much rather run through the ocean and play with her kids than sit on the beach and watch.  I found the article to be completely INSPIRING!!  Why?  Why do we let our insecurities get in the way of our lives?  Who cares if you are a size 2 or a size 22?  You are beautiful just the way you are.  I think we should celebrate our individualities, how no two people are going to look the same, and that we have been created in a variety of different shapes and forms.  So this Halloween when your child asks for you to dress up with them, instead of thinking "there is no way I can possibly look good in those costumes," take the initiative to find something fun to wear and join in on the Halloween fun with your kids!
Trust me, I get it---often times you can head to a Halloween costumes site or store and discover tons of provocative/sexy costumes that would make some moms want to hit the road running as far away as possible.  And I have to admit, as a mom, I don't feel like it is appropriate with 4 kids to be wearing something so scandalous.  However if you dig just a little deeper, you can find a ton of really cute, modest, and fun costumes to wear no matter what shape or size you are!
PureCostumes.com has some great costumes for moms!  From movie characters to fairy tales, sci-fi, and more--there is a ton of great costumes out there that you would have a blast wearing this Halloween!
Take a look and pick something out just for you.  You can do a theme with your family, a couples costume with your spouse, or just find a costume that you think you would feel great wearing!  You can go sweet...
Or scary....
OR if  I, personally, wanted to wear something that screams "me!" than I would probably just wear this:

Whatever you do, just make sure YOU DO IT this year!  Get out, get dressed up with your kids, and have fun!!
This is a sponsored post from PureCostumes.com, however these are my honest opinions and feelings.

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  1. Great informative review with some great pictures! I really like the Diet Coke costume! It looks simple and unique!
    Thank You for sharing it!

    Fiona N


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