Take It From Me: ONDiGO Mobile CRM {Review}

September 1, 2014

ONDiGO Mobile CRM {Review}

Are you looking for an easy way to manage and organize your customer relationships and interactions for your business? ONDiGO Mobile CRM is much more than a traditional CRM program. This beautifully designed app focuses on simplicity, automation and is designed to be user-friendly just for you.
It the very first CRM app designed for use on smart phones that really works for you. As you use it it tracks all the relevant information for you and creates a smart contact book that will help you manage and access all the information you need about your business contacts on the go.
Here are some of my favorite KEY COMPONENTS:
  • Forget about forgetting! Notes and pertinent data are presented to you in real time.
  • Say goodbye to data entry! A customer database is created for you, automatically logging calls, emails, texts, and cliff notes to each business contact card.
  • Boost your sales on-the-go! Have all your customer information in one place, available right when you need it, keeping you one step ahead - always.
I love this app because it is perfect for small business owners and is easy to implement at whatever point you are in your business (just download the app and you are ready to go). This is the perfect app for working while on-the-go so you don't have to spend as much time in the office. Learn more about it on their website here. You can download the app here.
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own. Your experience may vary.

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