Take It From Me: Making the Most out of Reading Time

September 23, 2014

Making the Most out of Reading Time

So I was just reading the Early Years: International Research Journal (everyone does that in their spare time right?) and did you know that there are quite a few studies pointing to the benefits of reading aloud to BABIES? These benefits include increased vocabulary, greater interest in learning/reading, stronger ability to express themselves and a closer relationship with the person reading to them. These benefits begin young - apparently anytime you want to start reading to your children is a good time to start reading to them.
My daughter plays and plays and plays, but the second I pull out a book she hops onto my lap and listens intently and even turns the pages for me now. When I am not reading to her she will often pull a book off the shelf and read it to herself. But of course I get a very similar reaction when the TV goes on, she sits and watches intently. In fact some of her first words were "let it go!' and 'da-da-da-DO it!" which goes to show just how much babies absorb from the entertainment we give them.
Babies really are like little sponges when they are born, they soak up everything you send their way as they develop and grow. That is why I think it is absolutely vital to have good entertainment on the TV, and especially - good books on the shelf. One of my daughters favorite collection of books come from Graham & Blanchard publishing. I was introduced to these books almost a year ago and have really come to love these simple yet brilliant books.
These Christian based books break down confusing or complex principles into simple and fun explanations that are easy for children to understand and relate to. The newest one we have added to our collection is called Your Core. Being Christian myself, I love having the sweet messages portrayed in these books introduced to my daughter, but even if you aren't Christian these books will be a great addition to your library. The vibrant colored pictures and fun stories help teach your children good morals no matter what dogma you want in your home.
If you would like to add Your Core to your library or browse some of the other great books available just visit Graham & Blanchard online, Graham & Blanchard books can also be found on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble!

Disclosure: I received a complementary product to facilitate this post, I was not compensated.  All opinions are my own. 


  1. These books look wonderful to read to young children. I always enjoyed my reading time with my kids!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

  2. It's never too early to start instilling Christian values in our children.

  3. I'm so glad that you found some quality reading material for your daughter! A child can seriously never have too many books!

  4. What a wonderful set of books to read to your baby! My baby is due soon, and I plan on reading to him everyday! I still have to get him books, and I will be looking at these books, thanks to your reviews!! Much appreciated!

  5. These books sound awesome! One of my co-workers is going to have her first baby in March. I'd love to get her some of these!

  6. My kids love to read! We visit the library at least once a week. I am going to have to check out these books! I'm always looking for good books!



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