Take It From Me: Kulcar: Solar Powered Car Cooler {Review}

September 1, 2014

Kulcar: Solar Powered Car Cooler {Review}

Disclosure: I received a product to review. These are my own opinions, yours may vary.
Almost every time we take a ride in our van, my kids hop in and quickly hop out because the air and seats are just too hot. 

Luckily, Sonray Technology, Inc., has developed a product called the Kulcar that makes cars more enjoyable to be in on hot summer days. The Kulcar is a cooling system for your car that ventilates the hot air out, decreasing the inside of your car's temperature by up to 68ยบ F or more when the system is properly installed.

What is fascinating about the Kulcar is that it uses the Sun to cool your car because it is powered by solar panels. You don't need batteries or any other gadget, just the Sun!

Did you also know that when the Sun heats up the inside of your car, chemicals and fumes from the car's interior floats around in the air that you breath? Chemicals are everywhere, so why not eliminate the ones that we can control? 

The Kulcar comes in a sturdy box and is incredibly easy to install, for the Kulcar system is only one piece, and comes with two rubber strips. Once you have attached the rubber strips onto your window, just slide the Kulcar between them and roll up your window and it's done! There are instructions in the box that are in Chinese (no help!), but there are also pictures in the inside of the box that explains them as well. 

The Kulcar works best on vehicles with straight windows. For our mini van, the only windows that roll down are our front windows and they are slanted. The rubber strips do not bend enough to create a perfect seal and our windows were actually too long for the strip, so you'll see a four inch gap in the photo above.

If you have a larger vehicle such as a SUV or a mini-van like myself, it is recommended that you have additional units to get a better cooling effect. Overall, I feel that this is a very great idea and works well in direct sunlight. 

The Kulcar Solar Powered Car Ventilator is now $89 on Amazon.

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  1. I love this idea! What a great way to cool the car on hot days!


  2. the interior of my car is black and my car is also black, and it seems to attract the sun and heat big time. This is a really neat idea, I could definitely use something to cool my car off


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