Take It From Me: 5 Quick Tips to Refresh Skin After Summer {Guest Post}

September 23, 2014

5 Quick Tips to Refresh Skin After Summer {Guest Post}

Summer is the time for many people to go out and enjoy the warmth as they engage in different outdoor activities. However, as summer comes to an end, it will leave your skin looking dull and affected to some extent and therefore you should do something about it. There are some easy ways to refresh your skin after summer, thus giving it a new glow while allowing it to recover well. You can achieve great results within a short time but only if you take the right approach. 

Below are 5 quick post-summer tips to help refresh your skin and regain vitality. 

Exfoliate: - The summer sun has beaten hard against your skin and this has left it looking rough, dull with patches, and dry, dead cells. Doing a facial scrub will help eliminate these spots while at the same time getting rid of the dead skin cells to allow a new glowing skin layer to grow. This helps bring a uniform, bright color on the skin while at the same time enabling it to absorb moisturizers in a better way.

Moisturize: - Summer heat has left your skin with dark spots an smooth wrinkles. The best way to do away with these blemishes will be to moisturize thus providing the skin with essential vitamin c which works well in providing light to the skin and fading the dark spots. Moisturizing also helps stimulate the formation of collagen which acts effectively in refreshing the skin and giving it a glowing, beautiful look. You can also use algae to revitalize the skin and do away with the forming wrinkles.

Deal with acne now: - During the humid and hot summer, weather, skin acne becomes worse. This can also be made worse by other elements including your summer diet which most probably include hot dogs and ice creams. Summer humidity is always high and this is accompanied by sweating thus causing acnes to flare. You should therefore treat your skin using different available acne products and methods such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Some of these acne treatments can be offered by qualified beauty specialists effectively.

Use sun-protection: - The end of summer doesn’t mean you should do away with your sun-protection strategies. However, you should upgrade your sunscreen protection to help block UVA rays present during the fall season. Skin damage can be caused by UVA rays of the sun which are prevalent in fall. Go for a broad spectrum sunscreen product which doesn’t irritate your skin and use it every day whether indoors or outdoors.

Rehydrate your lips: - The summer weather must have left your lips dried and weathered. These can be vulnerable and painful and therefore will need some attention as part of your skin. You will need to do something to have them heal and this can be done using a hypoallergenic and hydrating lip quencher or a mineral lip sunscreen for sun protection whenever you are involved in outdoor activities. You can also apply some Vaseline or vitamin E oil to help prevent moisture from escaping and enhance healing.

In addition to these simple strategies, it will also be important to take in a lot of water and vitamin B. These will help rehydrate your body and keep the skin in good health. You should also maintain a healthy diet and if necessary, see your dermatologist. This will allow you to show off your healthy and glowing skin come autumn.

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