Take It From Me: 4 Ways Technology is Improving Safety in the Construction Industry {Guest Post}

September 5, 2014

4 Ways Technology is Improving Safety in the Construction Industry {Guest Post}

The construction industry is a high-risk one with the potential for injuries and fatalities. This is because of the use of heavy machines and equipments, not to mention the size of materials used in construction. A simple slip of a scaffolding layer can result in a worker falling to his death many floors down.
This is why; along with all other significant parts of a construction project, safety is also paramount. Thankfully, technology has helped and is still helping construction workers stay safe, thus effectively reducing the number of accidents and injuries sustained on-site. Technology has contributed to maintaining workers' safety and survival by doing the following things:
Safe Transport of Goods, Equipment and Passengers
Thanks to technology, it is easier nowadays to carry materials, equipment and workers to higher elevations and top stories where they can continue their work with ease. The transport of heavy equipments to top floors would not be possible if not for technology.
In fact, before the establishment of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 1971, all construction companies just naturally assumed that at least one person would die on the job or while on site. So, they often make necessary preparations for compensation to the individual’s family members.
However, since the introduction of safer tools and transport facilities, there have been fewer casualties caused by the transporting of materials on the site.
Communication Gadgets to Help Alert Workers
Being given access to a device that alerts you when there is a danger on the site can save your life and prevent major or minor injury. Many  construction firms now use beepers to inform everyone on the site about a potential hazard, possible damage and likely dangers that could be just happening.
For instance, if there's a disturbance in one part of the site – say, a sinkhole appeared – the site supervisor and manager can quickly beep everyone about this incident, thus initiating an orderly evacuation of the individuals on the site before any other thing happens.
Providing Wearable Devices that Help Track Real-Time Movements
With the advent of wearable devices, all workers on the site can now be tracked. This way, if one just disappears from the map, the safety supervisor or manager can quickly alert the site manager who will then initiate a search for the missing individual.
Construction sites with staff who wear this tend to have fewer incidents because not only do the construction workers know they are being watched, they also know that not working as hard as they should could either get them fired or underpaid. Either way, construction sites that adopt this method of keeping track of every individual real-time will end up doing more for their workers’ safety.
Easier to Track Workers’ Performances
As you already know, one person’s neglect or lack of attention can bring down an entire building or even jeopardize a construction operation. Also, in many instances, it is a well-known fact that this neglect can go on for a long time before it is finally discovered either by a safety professional's keen observation or when there is an incident on the site.
However, there’s another way to prevent any incident in the first place using technology. For instance, a contractor or worker who frequently makes mistakes on the site can be easily spotted based on performance records and history. This can be easily done using project management and work performance tracking software.
Armed with this knowledge, a safety professional will be able to determine if an individual or something is potentially hazardous or is most-at-risk to the site. This way, the problem can be nipped in the bud before it happens.

About the author:

While he writes part-time, Oscar King's full time job is as a health and safety coordinator for his company. He makes sure that his company is taking advantage of the latest technologies to keep workers safe and productive. To make his job easier, he relies on services and software provided byeCompliance Management Solutions Incorporated. You can learn more about Oscar by visiting his Google+.

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