Take It From Me: Ozeri Weightmaster II Bathroom scale {Review}

August 29, 2014

Ozeri Weightmaster II Bathroom scale {Review}

I had been searching for a good scale and had no idea what brand or even where to look for one. Since then, I have been able to review a couple of products from Ozeri and have found their products to be extremely high quality and very innovative. 

I recently received the Ozeri weight master II Bathroom Scale to try out and have really enjoyed it. This scale was designed for weight management and can measure and track your weight easily. It does absolutely everything and helps motivate me to keep fit and exercise daily.

Here are some great features of the Ozeri Weight Master II Bathroom Scale.

1. Instantly displays  your BMI, current weight, and your net weight change since your last weigh-in.
2. Calculates your net weight change from the average weigh-ins.
3. 30 Day Memory.
4. Weight changes from previous day.
5. LCD and change in color, green illumination for weight loss, and red for weight gain.
6. Weighs up to 440 lbs.
7. 8 Unique users at home.
8. Automatically calibrates with StepOn technology and auto-powers off.
9. Slip resistent grip
10. Microban antimicrobial product protection which maintains surface cleanliness.

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