Take It From Me: Kids Academy Educational Apps {Review & FREE downloads}

August 29, 2014

Kids Academy Educational Apps {Review & FREE downloads}

These days kids are exposed to so much technology. Studies have shown that kids spend 2-4 hours in front of the TV a day and sometimes even more. I think it is really important to help channel this natural interest children have in technology into something beneficial and productive, rather than allowing it to be a time for your kids to tune out mentally.
That is why I love Kids Academy, Kids Academy is an educational application for your iPhone or iPad that is meant to entertain and teach preschool age kids. I just downloaded it on my iPad to give it a test and was extremely impressed by this free application.
They have a variety of apps for preschool and kindergarten age children that will help them grow and progress mentally. The upbeat music and sound effects, fun graphics and bright colors will help entertain your child and keep there attention while teaching them new things.
Kids Academy apps are designed for both child and parent directed learning and so they are each equipped with a special child lock. This will make it so your child can play unsupervised without accidentally exiting the app or opening a new one. When I have allowed my daughter to play with my phone in the past she has posted to social media for me, taken pictures and deleted my apps so being able to lock the phone on one app is very useful.
You can download the free app on your smart phone or tablet. Check out their Tracing Numbers, Brain Kids' Puzzles & Learn To Read apps. Search "kids academy" in your app store on your phone to find it!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own. Your experience may vary. 

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