Take It From Me: Crazy Aaron's Putty World {Review}

August 15, 2014

Crazy Aaron's Putty World {Review}

Like almost every kid, my kids are attracted to everything messy. They love digging in the dirt in our backyard, playing with the flour while we make cookies, and painting their bodies when they are supposed to be painting on paper! 

That's just what kids do, they love to get messy! 

When I found out about Crazy Aaron's Putty World I just had to get my hands on some of their putty. The company first started with Aaron, selling his putty from a box under his work desk to his co-workers. His colleagues then officially called him "Crazy" Aaron, and thus Crazy Aaron's Putty World began!

Who knew that adults would be so intrigued with Putty?

We received some Thinking Putty from Crazy Aaron's Putty World and it is awesome! I now understand why so many people wanted to buy his Putty! Since then, Aaron has created numerous colors and collections of Putty and it is pretty crazy!

We received two 3.2 oz containers, the new Fire Fox from their Phantom Collection, along with their Amethyst Blush from their Heat Sensitive Hypercolor. This is just what my kids needed and I've actually had my fair share with them too!

What I like most about Crazy Aaron's Putty World's Thinking Putty is that there are so many colors and numerous collections to choose from, from their glow in the dark to their magnetic Putty, it is seriously so cool!

The Fire Fox from their Phantom Collection is so fun and intriguing. It comes with a black light and of course glows in the dark. We brought this into a dark bedroom and my kids were in awe! They were able to mold and shape it, then added the black light to illuminate their masterpieces. I even had a little fun and spelled out "Mom!"

I asked them what they liked about the Thinking Putty, and they all said they liked the "goopy" feeling and that they can play with it it with or without toys. 

We also reviewed their Amethyst Blush from their Heat Sensitive Hypercolor. It is purple and turns pink when heated. I've always enjoyed color changing toys as a kid and thought this was pretty neat! 

Adding to the fun, this Putty is also bouncy! We made little balls and were able to get them to bounce pretty high. There are so many different things you can do with this Putty, it is pretty amazing!

What is your go-to party gift? 

Crazy Aaron's Putty is unique and totally awesome! Purchase some today for your kids and for their friends! 

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