Take It From Me: Wishbones {Review}

July 17, 2014

Wishbones {Review}

Summer time is the perfect time to buy a comfortable pair of flip-flops, or ten. Especially during this heat wave we have been experiencing. Flip-flops are really the most convenient option to keep your feet free and breezy in the summer sun.
But how to decide what pair to buy? What if you could buy from a company where every pair you bought equaled two pairs? One for you and one for a child in need of shoes. That is exactly what Wishbones offers when you buy a pair of their unique, bright colored and trendy flip-flops.
Wishbones travels the globe to find children whose lives will really, truly be benefited by a durable pair of flip-flops like theirs. Wishbones are perfect for the hot climates of many third world villages in Africa, they offer comfort and protection from the hot ground below and the burning sun above. From the pair I received I can tell that Wishbones are long lasting and versatile. They are good for all types of terrain and the quality of the base and toe strap is more durable than your average flip-flop.
The name Wishbones comes from the companies deep-rooted desire to help fulfill the wishes of people in need, just like a wishbone from a turkey is said to grant the lucky finder a wish. They not only give shoes, Wishbones also implements sustainable change in poverty-stricken communities. Wether it is helping to build vegetable gardens or bringing in school supplies, their goal is to determine individual needs within specific communities and fix them.
So for those of you who (like me) don't have the means to fly to Africa and build a well in a village, why not buy a pair of Wishbones and help a child in need from the comfort of your home (and the comfort of your new snazzy shoes). Wishbones will serve as a constant reminder of how blessed your life is and the great opportunity and privilege you have to help someone less fortunate. Every time I wear mine I picture the image below and it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling you get from doing something good.
You can check out all the different Wishbones styles by visiting their shop. Watch their Facebook and Twitter pages for updates on current Wishbone projects and more opportunities to make a difference.
Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post. I received a fantastic pair of complementary Wishbones so I could share my opinion of them with you. I only share companies and products I love and I have to say Wishbones is one of my favorites. Just because I absolutely love this company (their values and their flip-flops) does not guarantee you will.

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