Take It From Me: Summer To-Do

July 7, 2014

Summer To-Do

Last weekend as I was unpacking from our week-long trip to Alberta, I turned to my husband and realized, “it smells like summer!” The sun is higher for longer, when nighttime comes it blankets everything with a fresh and warm air, and I feel ALIVE. 

Summer is one of my favorite seasons, because I have so many of my good childhood memories tied to it: camping with my family in the wild mountains of New Hampshire and on the beach of the Outer Banks in North Carolina, strawberry and blueberry picking at home in upstate New York, and catching fireflies in the field behind our house at night. Our local library had a summer reading program that me and my siblings always enthusiastically participated in, as it was a chance for us to read all of the latest and greatest young adult fictions without the distraction of schoolwork. 

Although times have changed, and I’m now graduated and married, exhilaration of the infinite opportunities that summer holds will never change for me. It’s a time to work on becoming your best self, physically and mentally. 

This summer, I’ve made a list of the top things that I want to accomplish-

Get Away!

No matter where you live, summertime mandates that you make time to escape from your routine and make lifelong memories with your family on vacation. 


Read an excellent book (or 2)

There is something about lounging in the warmth of summer whether by a pool, beach or in a hammock in the backyard, with a book in hand, that just can’t be beat. It is my bliss. Some top contenders for summertime reads for me are the Divergent series written by Veronica Roth, a reread of the Lois Lowry classic The Giver in preparation for the movie adaptation set to be released late this summer(!) And Cotton Tenants: Three Families by James Agee.  


Make something new

The thing I love most about summer is that you can do almost anything you want outside, which means that you are out of excuses to keep avoiding that DIY project that caught your eye but looks too messy to do indoors. I am itching to give these geometric cement holders for succulents a go. 


Get in shape 

The winter months are depressing, and it’s hard to feel motivated to work out. During the summer, there’s no excuse! Here’s a workout schedule I’ve challenged myself to.


Take risks with your wardrobe 

No time is better than summer to rock a stylish hat. It will polish off your chic summer outfit, and you will also be protecting yourself from the sun's harmful rays. 


Spice up your menu

So many fruits and vegetables are in season throughout the summer; it’s a great time to wean off of all the meaty meat that kept you full and fed in the winter and explore a more plant-based diet. I’ve been itching to try this recipe.

What is on your Summer To-Do list? Share in the comment box below!


  1. This summer went by so fast and I did try a few things on your list, but I do wish I had more time to do more!
    twinkle at optonline dot net

    1. I agree! Summer always seems to go by way too fast!


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