Take It From Me: New Face on Take it From Me— Meet Michelle

July 3, 2014

New Face on Take it From Me— Meet Michelle

Hi there! I’m Michelle, and I’m excited to be the newest member of the Take it From Me girls. My dream boy whisked me away from Chicago last October when we got married, and we now live in beautiful British Columbia. So much change and growth happens in the first year of marriage and I am loving every minute, trying to making the most of it.

The transition from single to married woman involves discovering new things about yourself, and moving to a new country after getting married only heightened this for me. Self-expression has never been so important to me as my identity [continues to] evolve.

For me, personal style is essential as a creative outlet and as a means to express yourself: what you wear; how you decorate your home; what foods you choose to prepare, etc.

By sharing my personal style here I hope to inspire new ways of expressing yourself, and living life fully, with style and beauty. To get in touch, send me an email: michelle@takeitfrom-me.com

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