Take It From Me: 'Til The Morning:Lullabies and Songs of Comfort CD {Review & Giveaway} (closed)

June 23, 2014

'Til The Morning:Lullabies and Songs of Comfort CD {Review & Giveaway} (closed)

Right now I'm watching my baby rock gently to sleep in his swing listening to the sweetest lullabies.  The beautiful music is filling the air and reminding me of just how grateful I am to be the mother of this precious new baby!  'Til The Morning: Lullabies and Songs of Comfort is a stunning collection of songs from award-winning singer/songwriters, friends, and fellow travelers on the path of motherhood -- Edie Carey of Chicago and Sarah Sample of Salt Lake City.
These two women have woven their distinctive and yet perfectly blended voices to create an intimate, harmony laden collection of songs.  Each song is unique, beautiful, and filled with a profound message.  Listening to the album fills my heart with happiness and joy.  I am in love with the music and the harmonious voices that emulate from the CD.  'Til The Morning: Lullabies and Songs of Comfort will soothe your soul and help soothe your little ones to sleep.
"In 2010, after releasing her third album and having her second child, Sarah Sample realized that most of her music-making at home involved singing to her children. It felt only natural that her next record should embrace the music that was at the core of her motherhood experience. At this time, her friend Edie Carey was in the throes of a two-year struggle with infertiity following a near-fatal experience while on tour. Sarah soon became one of Edie's main sources of support, and their friendship deepened. Edie welcomed a son in 2012 (thanks to winning a $16K IVF cycle at a raffle!), and soon the two friends began hatching plans to make Sarah's idea come true. They wanted to not only honor the quiet moments between parent and child, but also to pay tribute to the struggles of infertility, recognizing the circuitous and painful journey many people must travel to become parents. 'Til The Morning carries a message of love, comfort, and solace for any listener. Edie Carey and Sarah Sample will make a charitable donation to support the ongoing work of Resolve, a non-profit organization working to educate and support men and women who are struggling with infertility."
This touching story just makes me love the album so much more!  I know so many who have struggled with infertility.  I can hear the powerful words of these songs come through the music to lift and comfort those who listen.  The combination of graceful voices and eloquent melodies really create something so beautiful and unique!  I highly encourage everyone to take a look at this album which is being released tomorrow June 24th!  I could listen to it over and over again because it's just THAT good!
'Til The Morning will be available at www.ediecarey.com, www.sarahsample.com, amazon.com, CDBaby.com, iTunes, Bandcamp, and other related digital outlets.

You can also catch Edie Carey & Sarah Sample on their Summer 2014 tour:
July 9 SPACE, Evanston, IL
July 18 Post Theater/U. of Utah campus, Salt Lake City, UT
July 19 House Concert, Seattle, WA
August 15 - 17 Rocky Mountain Folks Festival, Lyons, CO

You can also visit Edie Carey's website at www.ediecarey.com and Sarah Sample's website at www.sarahsample.com

Carey and Sample have also offered to give away A COPY OF THEIR 'TIL THE MORNING CD to one of our lucky readers!!
A big THANK YOU to Edie Carey & Sarah Sample for providing me with a free CD to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


  1. I think this would be a fun prize!

  2. I have 2 little girls that like lullibyes

  3. I actually backed their cd and have been listening to it for weeks. My sons fall asleep listening to it most nights, and I got a copy for my Mother as well. It is hands down, one of my favorite cds right now! That being said, I would LOVE to win a copy for my younger sister who just found out she is pregnant with her first child!

  4. I think this would be great to play for the kids at night or during nap time to wind them down. Beautiful stuff!


  5. I would love to win this prize because it looks very interesting!


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