Take It From Me: Premama Complete {Review & Giveaway}

June 27, 2014

Premama Complete {Review & Giveaway}

Disclosure: I received a product in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own, yours may vary. 
Having a healthy body before, during and after pregnancy is extremely important. I never quite understood completely the importance of taking care of my body until I was pregnant with my first child. Thankfully, I was always healthy and exercised, but probably wasn't doing everything I could have done for my body to thrive. I am now more educated on this topic and make sure that I am giving my body the vital nutrients it needs to perform. 

I am currently breast feeding and thought this would be a great opportunity to try Premama Complete. I don't necessarily have a hard time swallowing pills, but I know many women who do and this product is great for those who just can't swallow pills.
Breastfeeding takes a lot of important nutrients from your body to make milk for your baby, so I was excited to receive a box, along with a bottle of water to try Premama Complete's new powdered prenatal vitamin mix drink with DHA. 

The box I received came with 28 packages and in an orange flavor. I really enjoy the small packages because they are very easy to take with me wherever I go. Normally I would put my prenatals in a small ziplock for trips or when I am not able to grab one in the morning, so having the on-the-go packages has been very handy.
When I first tried the drink, I simply put the vitamin powder into my bottle of water and shook it up. After the mixture was dissolved I began drinking it. I was taken back at first because for some reason I was thinking it was going to be really sweet and citrusy, forgetting that there were vitamins in it. So. to tell you the truth I didn't really enjoy it. I then tried it the next day and put it into juice with a bit of water and this hid the bitterness from the vitamins made it more enjoyable for me to drink. I am also a huge fan of green shakes in the morning and had fun adding the mixture to my shakes. You can also add this to your food, such as yogurt, which I haven't tried yet! 
Some great things about Premama Complete is that it has 30% more DHA compared to other brands and it also has 30 mg of Vitamin B6, the highest of any over-the-counter (OTC) prenatal multivitamin, which can help soothe occasional symptoms of morning sickness--bonus! This vitamin mix is also Gluten-Free, GMO-Free and is Vegetarian! 

Purchase It!
Premama is now available at Target Stores and Target.com

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  1. I love that it can be mixed with food or drink and is zero calories!

  2. I love that are regulated under the FDA through DSHEA and they contain only natural flavorings and additives.

  3. great giveaway, mix ability is the best part hands down

  4. I have hyperemesis and cant keep a pill down...so praying I can try this stuff and that maybe this will help me in two ways...prenatal + fluids... = perfect for my sick tummy!

  5. I like how you can mix it with water or another liquid.


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