Take It From Me: GiveForward {Dealing with Financial Crisis}

June 30, 2014

GiveForward {Dealing with Financial Crisis}

My mom always used to say to me, "Never be ashamed to ask for help, the reason we all go through similar trials and have such a strong sense of community is so that we can help each other". 

It is easy to voice our agreement to this statement followed by the reassurance that we would be happy to help our friends in need if they opened up to us about their problems. The opportunity to help someone can bring a feeling of happiness and joy. It brings us closer to them, makes us feel valuable to someone and often fosters deeper feelings of love and friendship towards the recipient.

When we are the ones facing difficulty though it becomes a lot more challenging to admit our desperate need. Admitting a need for support expresses vulnerability, it also creates a situation that could eventually expose those who truly are your friends, and those who are not. It can feel awkward and inappropriate. It is in these moments though that we must consider how we felt when the tables were turned.
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It is right after we surrender ourselves to the vulnerability of exposing our heartache that we experience unexpected joy.

A few months ago my uncle got sick, so sick he had to quit work. His symptoms were inexplicable by any doctor in his area. He and his wife did all the research they could, visited specialists, tried homeopathic treatments, prayed, nothing seemed to help. They have five little girls and at the time his wife was eight months pregnant with their first little boy. In his wife's very pregnant condition, and with the responsibility of tending to five children and a sick husband, she was barely able to catch her breath and sleep, let alone find a job.

That is when they heard about this "miracle" doctor. A regular doctor actually but one who specialized in treatment of a condition that expressed itself through similar symptoms to his. Unfortunately this particular type of specialist is few and far between and they had to make a trek across the country to visit with him.
This is when they finally opened up to the rest of our family clan and shared their situation. They were emotionally and financially exhausted. Our family rallied around to support them financially so they could make this trip. When the doctor successfully diagnosed him and treated him we again were all happy to all pitch in and cover the costs. The only thing we wished was that we had known sooner so that we could have helped alleviate the stress that was upon them before they were at the end of their rope.

They are now back on their feet and enjoying life again and looking back on the crisis I think they are able to feel the joy in the closeness it created as our family pulled together to help them stand again.

Everyone goes through times like this but often (just like in the case with my uncle) it takes too long for people to ask for help. I think other than feeling awkward, people sometimes just don't know how to ask.
I wish that I would have known about GiveForward when my uncle and his family were experiencing these trials because it offers the perfect way to connect people with all the love and support they could need during financial crisis. To date GiveForward has helped raise over $100,000,000 for families in need.

Just think about the impact that has made. It is exciting!

GiveForward offers a venue that makes it easier to ask for help and get it when you or someone you know are in need. GiveForward offers each campaign creator an individual coach/supporter who helps them along the way, making the process effortless and streamlined towards your goal. GiveForward coaches also offer tips on how to raise funds offline in your community as well as getting the word out to your online community.
To learn more about becoming an ambassador for GiveForward visit this link. Have you ever experienced #unexpectedjoy in a situation that seemed bleak and depressing at first??
This post was sponsored and as such was compensated for writing it. All opinions are my own. 

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