Take It From Me: Scotchi {Review}

May 9, 2014

Scotchi {Review}

Scotchi has tons of fun and educational matching games for kids!  Their games were developed by a team of experts with more than 15 years of experience in the toy industry and who were looking for exciting products to challenge young minds.  With fun themes, cool concepts, and kid-friendly designs--Scotchi has a wonderful line of products your kids can really enjoy!
We were so excited when we got the chance to review one of Scotchi's matching games called Supermarket.  The game is a top seller here in the U.S. and I found out on a first hand basis just why that is.  The game centers around something that my kids happen to love...grocery shopping!  Each player is given a "grocery cart" card and is set with the task to to fill it with groceries.  Each cart card comes with a picture list of the groceries they are looking for and correlates to a specific food theme and color theme as well.  All of the grocery items are in the form of little disc pieces with Velcro.  Each player takes turns flipping over the pieces until they find a matching disc on their list and then Velcros it in their cart.
The game is somewhat like memory--flipping pieces over and trying to remember where items were that you are trying to match in your cart.  The game is great for developing those memory skills as well as social skills and recognition of food groups.  My kids and I really had such a fun time playing Supermarket.  The first time we played it we found a slight error in the game--the red onions disc had a brown bag but the picture on the cart list was a white bag.  It confused my son at first because he didn't think it was a match, but we quickly realized the error and also reminded him that the pieces and cart were color coordinated (the vegetable discs all have green circles around them) and so that helped us out with matching the right items as well.
All of my kids (my almost 3-yr-old daughter, 4-yr-old boy, and almost 7-yr-old daughter) really liked playing the game.  We have played several times together and they are even able to play the game by themselves without my help.  I love when they are bored and I can say "Go grab the Supermarket game" and they get super excited to play it.  So if you are wondering if we give it a glowing review, I can happily say YES, we love Scotchi!

In fact, we would love to get more Scotchi products as they have a great selection of games and puzzles to choose from.  Be sure to check out all of their wonderful children's products on their website
A big THANK YOU to Scotchi for providing me with a free kids game to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.

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