Take It From Me: Enjoy a Fun-Filled Summer with Winning Moves Games {Review & Giveaway} (closed)

May 30, 2014

Enjoy a Fun-Filled Summer with Winning Moves Games {Review & Giveaway} (closed)

How can I possibly entertain my kids all summer long?  The thought had been crossing my mind often and was even making me worried as the last day of school approached.  But then I started thinking of all of the fun things to do during the summer and all of the wonderful one-on-one time I get to spend with my kids and worries quickly faded away.  Summer is packed full of family fun and Winning Moves Games has a lot of great games for families to enjoy!
I love their collection of classic games and know I can always count on them for their fantastic selection.  Recently they've added some new unique games to their selection.  These new games are absolutely perfect for the Summer and I was so happy to be able to review them with my kids, family, and friends.

Touring is a game where players race across the States trying to rack up 400 miles while dealing with all of those pesky obstacles that can get in your way on long road trips. Watch out for penalties like bad breaks, flat tires, speed limits, and more as you race to finish first!  I really like this game because you can play it with 2-6 players, meaning my husband and I can pretty much play it whenever we want.  It's a really fun game and pretty fast-paced and easy to play.  It definitely takes me back to some Summer road trips with my family and is very fun to play!
The next bunch of games is a new series of waterproof card games from Winning Moves Games.
 Splash Jack Royal is a set of floating playing cards.  They are lightweight and waterproof so you can take them in the pool or the hot tub.  Play Poker or whatever you wish while lounging in the hot tub with friends.
Splash Jack is a more colorful and kid-friendly version of classic cards.  Take them to the beach with your family where you won't have to worry about the cards getting wet or ruined.
Splash Pals is another fun game with waterproof cards.  Here you can create and play a variety of ways with cards creating different parts (head, torso, legs) of characters.  Try to complete a ballerina, caveman, cowboy, and more. Or just let your kids be silly and make a bunch of crazy characters--a sumo wrestler who bakes, a mermaid robot, etc.  My kids really love playing with these cards in the tub!
Lastly Splashimals is also great for making bath time fun and entertaining.  This set of washable, floating, waterproof cards comes with animal cards (front of animals and backs of animals) and the cooresponding names of the animals as well.  Place the cards face down in the tub and take turns picking and trying to match a complete animal (kind of like memory).  My kids really get in to this game and ask to play it almost every time they bathe.  They have so much fun together playing it and after the game is done, they like to play pretend with the cards or make up silly animals.
We loved all of the games we received--especially how unique and fun they were!  Be sure to check out the Winning Moves website for more information on the games including video demonstrations and purchasing info.

We are giving away two great prizes to TWO lucky readers...
One reader will win A SPLASHIMALS GAME
& One reader will win A SPLASH PALS GAME!!
A big THANK YOU to Winning Moves Games for providing me with free games to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


  1. My daughter would like the Transformers Wild Card Game

  2. splash pals look so fun in the tub. Need more tub toys

  3. I want to introduce my kids to trouble!

  4. I always loved the game Aggravation as a child! I am sure my boys would love it too!


  5. Crocodile Dentist looks very fun!

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