Take It From Me: Kids Academy - Free Educational Kids App {Review}

April 8, 2014

Kids Academy - Free Educational Kids App {Review}

Kids Academy is an educational application for your iPhone or iPad that is meant to entertain and teach preschool age kids. I just downloaded it on my iPad to give it a test and was extremely impressed by this free application.
Since it is specifically meant for preschool age kids it focuses on key skills for preschoolers like learning the alphabet and numbers. The upbeat music and sound effects, fun graphics and bright colors will help entertain your child and keep there attention while teaching them new things.
This app is designed for both child and parent directed learning and is equipped with a special child lock. When it is in child mode all features will be ones that your child can easily use by themselves. To unlock the parent directed learning features you just have to hold down a certain button for more than three seconds and you are good to go!
This fun app allows kids to hear and see letters and their sounds, trace numbers and letters, practice counting and saying the alphabet and more all through a variety of fun games and activities. You can even download story books in the app to read together with your child!
You can download the free app on your iPhone or iPad, either visit this link and then follow the steps to download or search "kids academy" in your app store!
Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own. Your experience may vary. 

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