Take It From Me: Things Women Should Know about Cars {Guest Post}

March 1, 2014

Things Women Should Know about Cars {Guest Post}

These days, because women have become more empowered and self-sufficient, many ladies want to know the basics of car up-keep and care. The following list is full of information that could come in handy for the gal who finds herself lost in an unfamiliar city, stranded by the side of a road, or without a friend who is a mechanic (man or woman).
  1. Probably the most likely car problem anyone is going to have with their vehicle is a flat tire.
  1. Refer to your owner’s manual to see where your spare tire is located and how it is removed.
  2. Check to be sure that the spare tire is aired and in good condition.
  3. Have someone show you how to replace the tire, or go for a dry run while still in your own garage as soon as you buy a new car. This may seem like a waste of time, but you won’t think that if you ever find yourself with a flat tire on a lonely road, in a slightly unpopulated part of your town. Even if you have roadside assistance, which you should, you never know what could happen. Just do the dry-run. You will be glad that you did.
  1. Cars need to have the oil changed from time to time. It depends on what manufacturer, mechanic, or dealer you ask as to how often your car needs a change, so ask around. Do some research, and stick to the advised schedule, no matter what! A good rule of thumb is to have your oil changed every 3,000 miles. It will add to the longevity of your vehicle.
  2. Annual check-ups are not just for people. Your car needs a good looking-at every year if you want to keep repair costs down, ensure that you get good mileage, and keep the value of your automobile high.
  3. Tires, just the word can send some women into orbit. According to John Mooring of Interstate Auto, Tires need to be rotated about every 6,000 miles. You need to keep an eye out for wear and tear and replace a bald or worn tire whenever needed.
  4. Did you know that there are liquids that need to be changed or refilled in your vehicle other than oil and windshield washing fluid? And, they need to be checked frequently, not just when a little red light comes on.
  1. Transmission fluid
  2. Engine coolant
  3. Water
  4. Brake fluid
  5. Steering fluid
  6. Transmission fluid
  7. Hydraulic fluid
  1. There are other areas that need to be checked periodically in order to have your car running well. It is a good thing, unless you have had experience in car repair, to find one of the rare service stations that will put your gas in for you manually. That station is also going to look at your engine and tires for you from time to time to see if you need any kind of service. Yes, there are these places out there. Ask and look.
  1. Air filters
  2. Windshield wipers
  3. Spark plugs
  4. Tire alignment
  5. Rotors
If you treat your car kindly, it will reciprocate. Checkups are your friend. Keep on top of any problems with your car and it will thank you for it and so will your wallet.


  1. It would be a nightmare for me to have a flat tire or any other problem with my car, especially on my way to work. It is the best thing to have maintenance work done on our cars and follow all this advice.
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  2. Great tips, I am useless when it comes to car problems. I agree women should at least know the basics so we know what to do in case we have a problem. I keep telling my self I should learn how to change a tire.


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