Take It From Me: JenJenHouse.com {Review}

March 22, 2014

JenJenHouse.com {Review}

I grew up with three brothers, so when I found out I was pregnant with our first baby I thought for sure it was going to be a little boy. The day of the ultra sound, I went in feeling pretty confident that we were having a boy, so when I found out that we were having a girl it definitely took me by surprise. 

Although I was surprised, I definitely was not disappointed. 

I fell in love with the thought of having my husband hold and treasure our future daughter and to see the look in his eyes when he held her in the hospital for the first time. This memory will be with me forever. 

I fell in love at the thought of buying baby dresses, hair bows and cute baby shoes.

I fell in love at the thought of painting our fingernails together and cuddling on the couch while I braided her hair. 

I fell in love at the thought of watching chic flicks together in our pajamas while going through an entire box of tissue.


Lastly, I fell in love at the thought of one day picking out a prom dress with her, and getting her hair and makeup done for this special day. 
To help create these special memories, JenJenHouse has a great selection of gorgeous prom dresses that I absolutely love. My daughter loves all things girly, so we had a lot of fun looking at all these beautiful dresses. We picked out these two lovely dresses, but we definitely had many favorites. I also love that there are lots of photos of each dress and that there are so many reviews posted, making it easier to choose the perfect dress for the occasion. 

Disclosure: This post was powered by JenJenHouse, however, this is my own opinion and yours may vary.

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