Take It From Me: Heather The Scared Tooth Fairy {Book Review}

March 19, 2014

Heather The Scared Tooth Fairy {Book Review}

Heather The Scared Tooth Fairy
by Jeannine Dowling (Author, Illustrator), Jasmin Lynn Dowling (Author, Illustrator)
The story behind Heather The Scared Tooth Fairy:
"I wanted to have a fun project for my daughter Jasmin (9 years at the time) and I to do together, so I thought that creating a book together would be fun.

I’ve always wondered what it was like for tooth fairies. Did they have to go to school? How long did they have to go to school…was it one year, or the same as us, 12 years? So I let my imagination run free. 

Hoping to help my daughter and others with their fears, we thought of something that made me scared when I was in elementary school. I remembered getting a new teacher in the middle of the year in elementary school. I had so many worries of what the new teacher was like and what she expected.

I would write a couple pages and read them to Jasmin and she would help me come up with some rhymes and other ideas that could come up in the lives of a tooth fairy. With each page that I made Jasmin would draw some pictures on what she thought everything looked like. Both of our pictures ended up in the book."
Our thoughts!
My kids really enjoyed reading this book, especially now that we have a new baby in our home. The book starts off with the perfect question, "Where do babies come from?" since Heather's teacher at fairy flight school is pregnant. Heather is worried that the new teacher will be mean and she is scared. 

Kids have so many worries, so I thought this book was a great teaching tool for my kids. We had a very nice conversation about our fears and worries and I even got my kids to open up and express their own worries!
Check out the Tooth Fairy Wisdom website for activities and coloring pages, and they also have some funny jokes! 

You can purchase a copy of Heather The Scared Tooth Fairy on Amazon and don't forget to follow the Tooth Fairy Wisdom on Facebook

Disclosure: This post was powered by Jeannine Dowling and Pollen-8. I received a complimentary product to facilitate this post, but no other compensation. All opinions are my own.


  1. What a cute idea and story!! How neat that it is a collaboration between mother and daughter! Thanks for sharing! I'll have to look this up on Amazon!


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