Take It From Me: Great Gifts for Cat Lovers

March 8, 2014

Great Gifts for Cat Lovers

Anyone who has a particular hobby or passion, whether it's sailing or jazz or birdwatching, is automatically a little easier to decide on when it comes to buying holiday or birthday gifts. You can just get them something related to their hobby. Sometimes, though, there are so many options that it's overwhelming even to think about all of them. If you have a friend who is a cat lover, you've probably already discovered that there is an enormous amount of available cat decorations, games, toys, and crafts. Where to begin? Here are some creative and unique gift ideas for the cat lover in your life.

1. Cat Ears Ring
One of our favorite jewelry designs for cat lovers is a ring shaped like the outline of a cat's head, with little cat ears coming out of the top. It's cute, creative, and not too over-the-top, so your gift receiver can wear it with just about anything. In fact, a general search on Etsy for cat jewelry yields all sorts of adorable options for the cat lover in your life.

2. A Donation to the National Geographic Society

Is your cat-loving friend passionate about taking care of the cats in the world around us? Then show them you care about the causes close to their heart by making a donation to save a lion with the National Geographic Society. If your friend is less into big cats, you can also make a donation to a local pet shelter in their name.

3. Cat Notecards

Artists such as Christopher Rex sell notecards and musical cat art that your cat-loving friends can use as stationery. Pick up a few boxes and give them out as gifts -- it'll make it even more fun if you get a thank-you note back written on those same notecards!

4. Cat iPhone Cases

For more and more people, a phone is a fashion accessory just like shoes, jewelry, or a purse. Find a good iPhone case with cat-related designs on it, and your friends can show off their fondness for felines no matter where they go.

5. Cat Mug

Curling up with a mug of hot chocolate or tea is as warm and fuzzy a feeling as curling up on a chair with your favorite cat, so why not combine the two and get your friend a cat mug? Enjoying a quiet night in with their pets and a warm beverage has never been so much fun.
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