Take It From Me: Good Oral Health Begins at Home (Guest Post)

March 7, 2014

Good Oral Health Begins at Home (Guest Post)

“Health is Wealth”—it’s a very old saying that we’ve been hearing and abiding by since our childhood. However, for some reasons untold, this “health” doesn’t adjust itself with oral care and hygiene.
In spite of knowing about the repercussions, we don’t impart much knowledge regarding it to our children, unless, well, it’s too late and our children end up having “blackened” teeth or teeth miles apart from one another!
Anyway, here’s a knowhow about the initial steps to a healthy oral routine—
Oral Care Must Begin with the Pre-Natal Education
While most parents are worried about the first vaccination of their children and likes, most of them miss out on caring about the children’s proper oral care routine.
According to the dentists, children must be taken to a dentist for the first time at the age of 1 year, or within 6 months of the visibility of the first tooth.
A dentist, by examining the baby, can chalk out a healthy regime for a child’s oral care and tell proper ways to brush and floss their teeth.
Not Just Brushing, but Flossing Too
We all seem to know about the “right way” to brush teeth, but when it comes to flossing, we choose to ignore that more often. However, the latter is indeed an important activity which cleans the teeth thoroughly and prevents the accumulation of plaque between teeth and gums.
As far as brushing is considered, never forget to hold the brush at an angle of 45 degrees! Following this routine regularly, will ensure a sound oral health sans any cavity or “crater” between teeth!
Milk is Good, but Not before Sleep
We all know the goodness of milk and juices, and it’s a common premonition that children must be fed milk at bed time. However, following this routine might take its toll on your children’s teeth as long term subjection of the teeth to liquids containing high sugar content might cause tooth decay at an early age. Even feeding your children with more than a glass of fruit juices daily might be harmful. Now, we hope you know the reason why many children have pigmented teeth; don’t scold and blame them anymore!
Always Ask for Fluoride Toothpaste
First toothpaste must be the one with adequate fluoride content. Fluoride has the capability of penetrating a young tooth, thereby making it naturally stronger. Besides, they also act as a protective shield against bacteria that produces tooth-rotting acids.
Don’t be Over-Protective!
If your child is having any problem with his/her teeth, without wasting a moment, let them visit a dentist. However, don’t be an over-protective parent and instill any kind of pre-conceived notion regarding the dental clinic.
Even words such as “don’t be afraid” or “it’s not going to hurt” might petrify your child for the worse.

Oral Care mustn’t be neglected and should begin with the eruption of first teeth.
Apart from regular brushing with fluoride toothpaste, regular flossing, check-ups with the dentists must also be done along with maintaining a healthy diet.
Author Bio: Clara Carol is practicing dentist in New York. She loves to write when finds time she has written various articles pertaining to dental hygiene and overall health for various online health blogs and e-magazines. 

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