Take It From Me: Venus and Mars: How Skin Care Differs for Men & Women {Guest Post}

February 11, 2014

Venus and Mars: How Skin Care Differs for Men & Women {Guest Post}

You've heard people say that men and women come from two completely different worlds. While in some aspects that might be pretty far from the truth, in other ways the assertion gets right to the core of the matter. When it comes to skin care, what are the ways in which this field is different for men and women? Dermatologist Janet Allenby of Florida's Allenby Dermatology outlines some of the major differences in men's and women's skin care.

Hair Removal

Skin care involves a whole array of procedures, and hair removal is just one of them. While men and women do share some of these procedures, men are often more interested in temporarily removing their facial hair. Women, on the other hand, frequently look toward methods that will permanently remove hair from their bodies and their faces. Men may be purchasing razors and shaving cream, and women research laser treatments and waxing.

Aftercare of Hair Removal

Not only are the ultimate goals of hair removal different for men than they are for women, but so are the aftercare procedures. Aftershave is a product traditionally used by men. Women are more likely to use depilatory creams if they are removing the hair at home. These products generally come with an aftercare lotion that helps to smooth the skin and even prevent the hair from growing back again. Facial hair on men is considered more socially acceptable than on women, so they generally do not go to such great lengths to prevent stubble from coming back.

Skin care

Preparing The Face for Makeup

Women also have to take different care of their skin if they are going to be wearing makeup. Having dry and cracked skin, for example, makes it difficult to put on foundation because it will not go on evenly and smoothly. Furthermore, the foundation itself and any other layers of makeup on top of it will look cracked. Using a moisturizer can help both genders to have smooth and soft skin, but the effects of dry skin are just not as apparent on someone who chooses to avoid makeup.

Hormonal Changes

Naturally, both genders experience hormonal changes at different points in their lives, but women tend to go through more of them. When women experience premenstrual syndrome, their skin may become significantly more oily than usual. As a result, they will have to change their skin care regimen for that time. Men do not experience these types of changes in their skin and in facial oil production on a monthly basis. Furthermore, when women go through menopause, their hormones change and their skin could be entirely different at the end than it was at the beginning.

Understanding The Individual

Discussing the differences between men and women is often difficult because such talks rely upon generalizations. In terms of skin, we can't always say that men react in one way and women react in another. Furthermore, arguments for more than one gender abound in today's accepting and welcoming society. When you are concerned about specific issues with your skin, setting up an appointment with your dermatologist is the best way to identify your specific needs and to select a skin care regimen.
Skin care is something that many people care about because they want to look attractive when they are in public or in photographs. Understanding the unique elements of your own skin is the first step to take if you want a healthy, glowing look.

Dr. Janet Allenby can advise you on skin care and what regimens may be right for you. Connect with her on Google Plus.

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