Take It From Me: Transform Your Walls Without Paint! {Guest Post}

February 4, 2014

Transform Your Walls Without Paint! {Guest Post}

If you're on a mission to brighten up the walls at home, but aren't that handy with a paintbrush, then all is not lost. There are still lots of ways to transform your walls without going near a pot of paint. Here are some thought-provoking ideas to make a note of.
Wall art
Wall art decals and stickers are currently en-vogue in the world of interior design, so make ideal alternatives for spicing up a wall that doesn't require much effort. They're handy if you don't want to make permanent changes, or live in rented accommodation as they can be easily removed. Decals and stickers aren't just for kids' bedrooms, either. There's a huge range available now in different materials, both large and small, to suit all budgets, so you shouldn't have too much trouble picking something out to your liking.

Create a decorative feature
Drab walls can instantly be brought back to life again with the aid of a decorative feature. What you choose as your decorative feature is entirely up to you, but it could just be something as simple as a stunning piece of artwork, or a collection of photos or picture frames arranged into a pattern or design.

Add a mirror
If you're unsure how to decorate a wall, then you really can't go too far wrong by adding a mirror to it. The mirror will become the focal point of the wall, so that the rest of the wall pretty much stays in the background. For an even more striking effect, choose a mirror with a large frame.

Add wallpaper
If you find painting messy and inconvenient, then consider wallpapering your walls instead. The choices of wallpaper has evolved massively in recent times, so there's bound to be a style out there to suit everyone.

Put up shelving
You don't necessarily need to decorate your walls in order to transform them. Simply putting up shelving against the wall can jazz it up. Consider shelving with interest, such as floating shelving or unusual styles of shelving. Once your shelves are up, don't fill them with clutter as this will defeat the purpose. Plan what you want to put on the shelves and keep them in a tidy and attractive order.

Hang up clothes
If you want to add a splash of colour to a child's bedroom without the hassle of doing a decorating job, then simply fix a few hooks to the wall and hang bright and colourful clothes from the hooks. Alternatively, hang colourful scarves or bags, etc to make a vibrant wall feature.

Add some interest to a kitchen wall or a child's playroom wall by attaching a chalkboard to it. Chalkboards are great fun for children, but they're also useful to have as handy reminder boards for shopping lists, etc.

Fabric walls
You can easily incorporate fabric to a wall to brighten it up and add texture. Some people use liquid starch to hang fabric to a wall, but there are other methods to hang fabric. If you want to cover a wall with drapery panels, then you will need to hang them from a ceiling-mounted curtain rod or track, for instance.

Philippa L has written this article. Philippa is a keen DIY enthusiast and loves dressing up her home without the use of the usual paint. This article has been written on behalf of Internal Doors. See their Facebook page, here.

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