Take It From Me: Tortle launching in 340 Babies R Us Stores Nationwide!

February 19, 2014

Tortle launching in 340 Babies R Us Stores Nationwide!

Did you know that more than a million babies each year will be diagnosed with Flathead Syndrome in the USA?  Flathead Syndrome is a condition in which an infant’s head and neck become tilted to one side, creating a shortened neck muscle on one side. It can be caused by positioning in uterus or from a lack of proper head and neck movement and affects nearly 48% of all babies 0-6 months old.
Thankfully there is an excellent product out to help called Tortle.  Tortle is a simple, comfortable beanie that helps prevent and treat early stages flat head syndrome: plagiocephaly & torticollis. It makes the job of repositioning newborns safe and easy. It is recommended that all newborns wear a Tortle for the first few months of life to aid in repositioning; which supports healthy development. Tortle works by gently deflecting your baby’s head when she's sitting or lying on the back of her head, to gently move her head from side to side. If left untreated, treatment is expensive and can be hard on the baby. Moreover, long term developmental delays can occur. But plagiocephaly and torticollis almost 100% preventable with repositioning, which Tortle makes easy.
Although these statistics are a little shocking, I myself have seen many cases of Flathead Syndrome and even had some minor problems of it with one of my own children.  I remember when I was told my son was showing signs of Flathead Syndrome.  I remember feeling like I had done something wrong but my doctor reassured me of how common the syndrome is becoming and that with a few changes, we could work to fixing the problem.  I was so diligent in switching his head positions so that the Flathead Syndrome would not worsen and that he wouldn't have any developmental issues or problems down the road.  So when I heard about this great product, I was thrilled to see someone come up with such an easy solution to such a widespread problem.
I think the idea of the Tortle is amazing!  Something so simple and yet so effective!  Be sure to visit the Tortle website to find out more information on Flathead Syndrome and to see the Tortle in action!
Tortle is launching in over 340 Babies R Us stores nationwide!!!
Be sure to keep an eye out for them!
A big THANK YOU to Tortle for helping with this post. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


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