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February 15, 2014

Mobile Magic

Are You Really Using Your Smartphone to Advantage?
Progress in mobile phone technology is most keenly felt by those who lived before mini super computers could be easily carried in one's pocket. Yet so few really put their smartphone through the paces. Bored users might play the occasional game or crossword app, but are they really getting their money's worth with their phone? Design trends show that even the most basic devices can offer great assistance in terms of organisation, household budgeting, and even becoming healthier. Yet such comprehensive gadgets are only as effective as the people using them. How well does your mobile mastery shape up?

In addition to built-in calendar apps there are plenty more options that can be downloaded for free or little money. Many programmes will let users adjust calendar styles and colours; the best will sync changes to home computers and tablets, as well. Very busy families can benefit from organisational tools that can link all mobiles and be updated by everyone in the household, so that one source can be referred to when looking at schedules. Whether using factory features or after-market additions look for a calendar that work for your own personal needs. A built-in alarm and reminder system is also very beneficial to have.

Most mobiles also have terrific note taking features that can be typed or used with voice recognition software. The most savvy programmes will learn one's typing and speaking style so that fewer corrections will need to be made.

In addition to get your schedule in shape, look to your phone for assistance in gaining physical fitness, too. Once guidelines of goals are set, mobiles can help keep track of workouts, steps taken throughout the day, and food and drink consumption. Apps run the gamut, with many catering to specific diet and exercise regimens. Pick one that suits hoped-for dietary guidelines and also one that is well-rated by users and being engaging and easy to use. Remember all the apps in the world won't do a but of good if they aren't utilised. And don't hesitate to try many out for yourself. If they don't work out simply uninstall and look for something more helpful. As an example, some mobile users may find motivational messages inspiring whilst others would view them as annoying. Find what works for you.

Once the budget and body's in shape, shopping may be on the mind. Mobile users may be surprised to know that they've got the best shopping companion right at hand, whether they own an Android or iOS phone. Retailers, restaurants and bulk coupon discount houses can access GPS whereabouts in order to offer terrific and timely deals. Many systems can also be trained by any user that sets specific filtering parameters. For instance no vegetarian needs discounted steaks. Many programmes are free and easy to sign up for. Though many have an added security measure that requires confirmation through email. It only takes a brief moment to complete and it meant to protect you, the consumer.

GPS mapping technology can also make quick searches for nearby by shoppes or products a breeze! Simply pull up the map feature and write or say what you're looking for. You can even set the distance you're willing to travel to help eliminate unnecessary long-distance hits. Those who remember the days of rifling through a heavy phone book should be particularly pleased with how far technology has come.

Mobiles are great resources for comparison shopping, as well. Wondering if you're getting the best deal? Simply scan the barcode to see if lower prices can be found at any nearby stores or online. Or just search for an item in the Web browser and click the “shop” button to see where the best price can be found.

Using mobiles to advantage can save loads of time and money. They offer the chance to become better organised, fantastically fit, and a savvier shopper. Plus this is just the start of what one's smartphone can do; making calls is the least of what these magical mobiles can do.

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