Take It From Me: Keeping Warm and Stylish on Countryside Winter Walks {Guest Post}

February 10, 2014

Keeping Warm and Stylish on Countryside Winter Walks {Guest Post}

As cold, unforgiving and uncomfortable as the season might well be, it can't be denied that Winter is a pretty month. The cold weather brings with it a calm and dignity and when the first flakes of snow begin to fall and coat the countryside in a soft blanket of white powder the effect is almost magical. So naturally with that kind of organic beauty on your doorstep, an afternoon stroll sounds ideal right? Especially if you're currently courting that special someone or are in the midst of a particularly stringent health kick. The only thing stopping you is the icy, perpetual chill of jack frost, but he can be kept at bay as long as you wrap up warm.

Here we'll take you through a few of the items that make up the most popular and effective Winter outfits suitable for relaxing countryside walks in even the most extreme low temperatures. As fashionable as they are functional, we'll also be focusing on style so you don't have to worry about being caught out in the snow looking like a misplaced Geography teacher.

The Jacket

The most important element of any Winter ensemble, with the Winters we've been having of late your jacket will more than likely be glued to your back throughout the entirety of December and January. Every man needs at least one great jacket and the options are incredibly vast. For experienced hikers who intend on spending hours out in the snow and ice, brands such as 'Super dry' offer a range of stylish 'puffer' jackets, specifically designed to counteract the Winter chill. If you're a more casual walker though, a long 'town' jacket or leather piece might feel more comfortable and suitable?

The Jumper

Winter is the only time you will be able to 'get away with' a cheesy jumper so embrace it! Christmas jumpers are all the rage right now and most of your favourite designers will have their own spin on the classics. From classic, subtle knitted cardigans to garish, reindeer and snowman afflicted abominations, there's certainly something to be said for a man with the gumption to wear a Christmas jumper.

The Accessories

There are numerous stylish and attractive hats, scarves and gloves on the market that will not only help keep your body temperature up but will also accentuate your outfit. The Winter months give us free rein to break out the big bobble hats and the cozy, wooly gloves and whilst years ago they might have been sneered at by the fashionistas amongst you, there's a subtle, homespun charm that many find quite endearing. Many of the top fashion houses will have their own range of Winter accessories so shop around.

Winter Warming Tips

Of course having a partner to snuggle up to can also help keep body temperatures from falling but if you're not lucky enough to have that special someone to share your Winter walks with but still fancy getting out there and enjoying the season, here are a few handy hints that could further help you stave off the chill. 

Rest your socks on the radiator for a good hour or so before you head out and when you put them on, that toasty feeling that hits your feet should soon spread to the rest of your body.
This might prove a little surprising but staying well hydrated will help keep you warm and as the Winter air is generally rather dry, make sure you don't go out until your thirst have been quenched.
Eating lots of rich foods will also give your body the extra fuel it will need to generate more heat. If you're on a diet it might prove tempting to hit the hills with little more than a slice of toast and a cup of sugar-free tea but Winter is no time to be on a diet! That's what New Year's were made for.
Don't overdo it with the layers. If certain parts of your body get too hot and begin to sweat it will actually start cooling you down (which is something you really don't want) and if your clothing is too tight on your it could hamper your body's circulation, which will cool your temperature.
If you feel a sweat building, don't be afraid to shed layers on the fly. All it might take is a quick zipper to allow extra ventilation and you can always zip back up when the 'hot spell' has passed.

Remember, ultimately as highly as you might value your fashion sense, your health and safety always comes first so even if you can't find any Winter clobber that matches up to your 'standards', wrap up warm and stay safe this Winter!

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