Take It From Me: Keep it Safe! Keeping Kids Away From Things They Shouldn't Touch {Guest Post}

February 27, 2014

Keep it Safe! Keeping Kids Away From Things They Shouldn't Touch {Guest Post}

Kids have a way of getting into everything. Especially young children. If there are things that you own that you don’t want children getting their hands on, it is important to hide it away safely and keep an eye on your kids at all times. However it is hard to keep track of children’s movements, so keeping something out of sight or out of reach is always better than having to always keep tabs on your kids.
Bleach, money, breakable valuables are all things you really don’t want your kids getting a hold of. Babies and toddlers are grabby and will try to take anything that catches their attention. It’s important to know how to make sure your kids don’t touch anything they shouldn’t, so follow these easy steps to child proof – at least in part – your house.

Where you can, keep it off the floor
Making things reachable for a child is basically telling it that it is fine to play with. Anything you don’t want sticky fingers on, or worse, keep out of reach. If possible, keep it out of sight. If a kid can’t see it, they won’t even try to reach it, but a sparkly giant marble lying just out of reach will encourage children to try and climb up things to reach it. This you definitely don’t want.

Spare books and newspapers are easy to leave on the floor, but try to remember not to. Younger children will grab at anything, and may rip pages off in their excitement. Plus newspaper ink is dirty and can be harmful if ingested.

Be Firm
With young children, you need to make sure that they know certain things are off limits. Temptation is an awful thing, but if you sternly tell them ‘no’ they will be less likely to do it again, at least not while you are there. Do not make a big deal out of it if the child does get a hold of something it shouldn’t have. Simply say ‘no’ in a firm voice, and then put the object away out of sight, or distract the child using something else that is suitable for them to be playing with.

Lock things away
There are times when you can’t be watching your children, and you can’t keep everything high up out of reach above the cupboards, so here is where locks really help. Low cupboards are like treasure troves for children, so fitting them with a simple padlock should be enough to discourage children.

However some kids will try and force a door, so it is always good to keep an eye out. Using child gates for smaller children is essential for places such as the garage and the kitchen, as there are dangerous implements in almost every drawer in those rooms. A fridge lock is also good, as children can get into the lower drawers and pull all the consumables out on the floor.

It can be tiring to keep an eye on your kids, but these tips will help you feel more at ease with them around the house. However distracting the children with a puzzle book or another learning activity works just as well.

You can find further helpful advice on keeping children safe from harm at the Child Accident Prevention Trust

Katy Putner writes for a number of online publication on child welfare and safety around the home. She ha sprovided this article on behalf of Quality Ironmongery, suppliers of heavy duty bolts, latches, padlocks and other useful equipment to help secure your home and garden.

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