Take It From Me: JumpStart Blast-Off Math & Early Reading Apps Review & GIVEAWAY (closed)

February 11, 2014

JumpStart Blast-Off Math & Early Reading Apps Review & GIVEAWAY (closed)

JumpStart has such wonderful educational learning products for kids!!  They have online games, apps, and more for parents and kids to enjoy!  And now, JumpStart has just launched two fantastic apps which provide young learners with key practice in elementary education....introducing the new JumpStart Blast-Off learning series.  The series includes JumpStart Blast-Off: Math and JumpStart Blast-Off: Early Reading.  In these two apps young learners will go through a variety of early reading topics such as word pronunciation and beginning phonics, and they will also cover math topics such as basic operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
I had the chance to be able to review both of the apps with my kids and am finding them super fun and packed full of great educational value!
The JumpStart Blast-Off Early Reading App is a fun-fueled, fast paced way to practice early word recognition and reading skills! Your child begins the game by selecting a specific lesson, curriculum level and game level. Once they have those selected, they set off on their jetpacks to search for correct answer and zap away incorrect ones. Also, they need to keep an eye out for those pesky Punk-Punks — they will get in the way and need to be blasted, or your child will lose a jetpack!
The game is great!  It's got lots of great emphasis on early phonics skills with essential concepts such as word recognition, grammar classification, syllable segmenting and more! There are also 19 different lessons to choose from ranging in topics such as beginning phonics, word recognition, early grammar, and word pronunciation. Plus, the fun gameplay makes for a truly engaging, one-of-a-kind learning experience your child will never put down!  My kids love it!
The other app is the JumpStart Blast-Off: Math App which is a high-speed jetpack adventure that brings education and fun, all into one! This game takes young learners through a variety of math lessons, as well as different curriculum and game difficulty levels to provide your young learner with an exciting educational gaming experience. Also, they need to keep an eye out for those pesky Punk-Punks — they will get in the way and need to be blasted, or your child will lose a jetpack just like in the other app!
My kids really enjoyed this game as well!  It includes lots of great match concepts and has 28 different math lessons to choose from with select topics such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  It's a great way for kids to practice and improve their math skills and having a "blast" while doing so!
You can get the JumpStart Blast-Off learning series a variety of ways JumpStart Blast-Off Math through iTunesGoogle Play, and Amazon and JumpStart Blast-Off Early Reading through iTunesGoogle Play, and Amazon

JumpStart is giving away BOTH THE JUMPSTART BLAST-OFF MATH & EARLY READING APPS to one of our lucky readers!!
A big THANK YOU to JumpStart for providing me with the free Blast-Off Apps to review.  I was not compensated for this review. I receive product(s) for free so that I can provide my insight and experience. These are my honest opinions. Your experience may vary.


  1. to help my son with his math and numbers

  2. This sounds like a really cool app.

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