Take It From Me: How To Sound Proof Windows The Right Way

February 20, 2014

How To Sound Proof Windows The Right Way

If you've been having trouble sleeping lately, it could be from all the noise that is making its way into your eardrums during the night. Anyone who lives in a bustling city is familiar with the constant invasion of construction jackhammers, emergency sirens, car alarms, traffic and other disturbing noises. It's a wonder anyone can get any sleep! If you want to know how to sound proof windows, you have two basic options: DIY or go with the pros.

The "do it yourself" option for how to sound proof windows starts with caulk. This is not only the first line of defense against noise pollution but also for weatherizing. Caulking is typically required on older windows with wooden and glass panes. There is even something known as acoustical caulk that is meant to dampen noise. For the caulk to be effective, it has to be added to the inside and outside of your windows. Of course, if you're in an apartment high above the ground then it might not be practical to use the caulk option.

Another simple measure for how to sound proof windows is by hanging soundproof curtains. Although they look like regular curtains, sound proof curtains are made from a material that has been specifically designed to keep out the noise. While it is true that most curtains have some level of soundproofing, the "industrial grade" sound proofing curtains could cut back on the noise. The drawback is that they are extremely heavy and difficult to clean. You also won't have a lot of decorating choices.

The best option for how to sound proof windows is to turn the project over to the pros at CitiQuiet. When these professionally installed windows are in place, you'll find that noise reduction has been reduced to "total silence." How does CitiQuiet make such a guarantee? The answer can be found in the design of their windows. Each CitiQuiet window is made up of two panes of glass pressed together and injected with Argon gas. That harmless compound acts as a true buffer between exterior noise and your quiet interior.

This unique concept for how to sound proof windows doesn't involve replacing your actual windows. Instead, the CitiQuiet windows are installed on the existing windowsill. When closed, the space between your windows and the CitiQuiet is a buffer zone of quiet. There is no need to any type of demolition or construction on your current windows. Thanks to the many design options to pick from, you'll find that your CitiQuiet windows can seamlessly blend in with your decor. You'll only notice the difference when you close the windows and are plunged into blissful silence. That is the most effective approach on how to sound proof windows.

As for the cost, that will depend on how many CitiQuiet windows you're adding to your living space, the size and style. CitiQuiet is happy to work within your budget. When you add in the savings you'll earn through better energy efficiency, you might just find that over time, the CityQuiet windows have paid from themselves. You can learn more about sound proofing your windows at CitiQuiet.com. Clearly, the best answer for the question "how to sound proof windows" can be summed up in one word: CitiQuiet.

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