Take It From Me: Fruiti Freeze {Review}

February 25, 2014

Fruiti Freeze {Review}

Who doesn't love a frozen treat? I have yet to meet a person who doesn't like the soft texture and the sweet taste of ice-cream. How would you like it if you could eat as much ice-cream as you wanted completely guilt free without worrying about what you might see when you step on the scale later?
Fruiti Freeze by Viatek makes that dream possible. You can make delicious, ice-cream like, frozen treats in minutes out of fruit alone! All you need is frozen fruit and if desired a few other ingredients like chocolate chips or coconut.
They have a huge variety of delicious ice-cream recipes that you can find on their website that taste beyond delicious. Most recipes call for 2tsp's or less of sugar making them a healthier option than store bought ice-cream. I was blown away by how good the Cherry Rocky Road recipe was!
You can even create just pure fruit ice-cream out of whatever fruit or combination of fruits you want. Simply put your choice of fruit into the machine and moments later you can enjoy a scrumptious ready to serve bowl of fruit ice-cream.
I absolutely love mango, after putting it through the Fruiti Freeze it is very similar in taste and texture to mango sorbet you can buy from the grocery store. The mango also tastes fantastic with strawberries. When doing a combination of fruit simply alternate fruit when putting them into the machine. One strawberry, one mango chunk, one strawberry, one mango chunk, etc.
You can add a banana to almost any fruit for a sweeter and creamier taste. I even tried doing just banana and adding a few drops of vanilla well it processed and it tasted surprisingly like vanilla ice-cream! So delicious.
I was really impressed with the power of the Fruiti Freeze. There is no need to let your fruit thaw before processing it. You can put it straight from the freezer into the machine. As it goes through the machine it softens to the perfect consistency to enjoy.
You can buy the Fruiti Freeze here! Also don't forget to connect with Fruiti Freeze and Viatek on Facebook! And if you want to see the Fruiti Freeze in action just watch the video below!
Disclosure: I received a complementary product to facilitate this post, I was not compensated.  All opinions are my own.


  1. I want one, not only for me but the kids would love it as well. Love that you can just put frozen fruit in there and let it work.

  2. This would be great! My kids have dairy allergies and finding a quality dairy free ice cream is so hard! I would even like this!


  3. This looks like so much fun! I would enjoy this product especially in the summer. I can think of so many different fruits to use.
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