Take It From Me: Brian the Pekingese Pajamas {Review}

February 26, 2014

Brian the Pekingese Pajamas {Review}

When I was young we took a trip to Hawaii and the memories I have there with my family are still irreplaceable. We did a lot of swimming, shopping, went to lots of fun shows and spent hours together with each other. My parents didn't buy too many things while we were there but I do remember getting a few things, such as a fun water bottle with sparkly floaty fish around the outside, a towel that had the Hawaiian Islands on it along with a pair of pajamas. These pajamas became my favorite pair of sleepwear and always reminded me of the fun I had there with my family!
Similar to my pajamas from Hawaii that always calmed and comforted me, Brian the Pekingese is a brand of sleepwear that was inspired by Angela and Wes Bentley's fun-loving family dog, Brian, a Pekingese. When they brought home their new baby boy from the hospital, Brian, instantly bonded with their little boy, sleeping under his crib and barking any time their little boy cried. 

Brian the Pekingese sleepwear is not just a product but is a "family lifestyle brand" that helps promote the special bond between a child and their dog. 

My little boy received a pair of their 3T Boys Blue Polka Dot Print Pajamas along with a Brian the Pekingese Plush Toy and he couldn't be more happier with them. As a dog lover, he was extremely excited to wear his new pajamas and sleeps with his dog every night!
The pajamas are super soft and perfect for bedtime snuggles! They are made from quality materials and the best part is they are made in the USA! They fit snug, which is my favorite. There isn't anything cuter than my babies in tight fitting pajamas! 

The Brian the Pekingese Sleepwear line is available in individual children's boutiques as well as online!  

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product/s to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Isn't he a stinkin' cutie pie!?! I think these kind of PJs are so great for kids. They tend to last longer, wear and fit better than others. Wish they came in adult sizes for me!


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