Take It From Me: Valentine's Day Gifts Tips for Every Zodiac Sign in 2014 (Guest Post)

January 29, 2014

Valentine's Day Gifts Tips for Every Zodiac Sign in 2014 (Guest Post)

Let’s try a different approach from traditional Valentine’s Day this year. So, in order to find the ultimate Valentine's Day gift for our partner, in 2014 we have set our mind to first of all find out what type of person our partner is, what he or she enjoys and only after we can decide on what to offer for Valentine’s.
A good starting point would be analyzing a general personality, for instance the zodiac signs.

Full of energy, Aries is the king of adventure and surprises. Don’t even dare to imagine that you can tire an Aries. Try any activity involving adrenaline rush, thrills and fun and you will get any Aries to love and cherish you forever, maybe kayaking or skydiving will do the trick.

Taurus sign individuals love making gifts more than offering them, but they are also very fond of anything they receive. Very sentimental and increasingly romantics, they love good food and luxury, whereas they tend to be rather simplistic in general. You could surprise a Taurus by choosing a night in town, with fabulous dinner to enjoy and maybe an after dinner massage. Of course, the list of options does not end here, since Taurus is probably the easiest to satisfy among all the signs.

The Gemini relates to an increasingly communicative individual and loves mingling. Find a gift that satisfies his/her need for communication and one that keeps the mind active. You could go for a computer or Xbox game or even a phone, since no Gemini will be ever fund without a proper cell phone.

Sentimental gifts and memories are very significant for Cancer so search for special photo frames or albums, delicate items for house decoration or tender memories to offer. You can organize a nice surprise picnic, without telling Cancer where you will be going or what you will do. Enjoy a great night together and let your feelings do the talking.

As it is in the animal kingdom, Leos are the party-animals. They always have to be the centre of the Universe and be appraised permanently. If you are up to it, have a party at your house, call some friends and try having a toast in the Leo’s honor. See where this goes. Our money is on a great night of fun. You could also try a luxury gift to impress such as a brand watch or jewel.

Virgos are the most organized individuals from the zodiac, having a permanent need for cleanliness and an obsession for everything to go their way. Don’t try to change the spirit but create an opportunity for relax. Try a spa treatment or a weekend in a quiet place. That should do for the fussy Virgo!

No sign is more attracted to the beautiful side of life than Libra. Libras enjoy living in the high-society, showing their great manners and skills and even appreciating couture designs. In this case, the best options would be going for a couple of theatre or ballet tickets, expensive jewelry or high quality clothing.

Scorpios are very interesting by their nature. They are the top of erotic signs in the zodiac and they would highly appreciate a nice gesture in this direction. Prepare a perfect seductive ambiance and you will ensure maximum happiness and pampering.

As the Aries, Sagittarius individuals love adventure. They adore changing decors, travelling and discovering new territories. Join Sagittarius in any of the trips or, most of all, be the one that suggests changing the air and you will most definitely be rewarded with companionship. Have you already started browsing or did you stop on the paragliding offer you found online?

For Capricorn you must make sure to choose customized and romantic gifts. They are shy but sentimental, and appreciate any sign of your desire to spend a lifetime together or simply your intent of doing something together. This should be easy then! Find either items to which you can add a personal touch such as handmade photo frames or jewels or simply decide on an activity to do together.

The most gadget-loving sign is definitely the Aquarius. Start looking or asking around for anything that might get the attention of your Aquarius. Don’t get satisfied with less, choose the best. That will make the difference between a standard gift and a more valuable one.

Pisces is a fan of pampering emotions. Pisces individuals love relaxing times and gift, this is why you won’t go wrong with a spa or massage retreat, anything that might take the edge off. Enjoy!

This is it for our 2014 magic guide in the area of zodiac signs and their characteristics, one of the easiest ways of finding a suitable gift for your Valentine. 

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