Take It From Me: Transitioning Your Child from Crib to Bed (Guest Post)

January 2, 2014

Transitioning Your Child from Crib to Bed (Guest Post)

When you transition your child from a crib to a children’s bed, there are a lot of things that you have 
to consider. Your child will likely be ready to switch at some point between the ages of 18 months and 3 years; most children transition by the age of 2 but there is no “set time.” You’ll know the signs; if 
your child starts to get too large, too active, or too daring to be in a crib, it’s time for you to transition. 
Another reason may be that you are having another child, and you need the crib for the expected child.
No matter what your reason is for the transition, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind.

- Always test to see what height your child is comfortable with. A high sleeper bed may make 
your child anxious; the couple of inches difference that a mid sleeper bed has may make it more comfortable for your child. Bunk beds are good if you have multiple children sharing the same room, but keep your younger child on the lower bunk. 

- Work with your child to help them transition. If they know that another child is going to be 
using the crib, they may be possessive or stressed out by the change. Help them through the 
transition slowly, because if you just push it on them, they may become disagreeable or have 
difficulty sleeping through the night. 

- Allow your child to be involved in the process of picking out the bed. Not only should they try 
out the bed to see if they like how it feels, you should also let them pick the style. Children’s 
beds come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. By allowing them to help pick it out, they will 
feel like it is “theirs” and the transition will be much simpler. 

- Keep with your nightly routine. Does your child have a blanket or stuffed animal that they sleep 
with on a regular basis? Do they have a pillow they like or do they listen to music before they 
go to bed? Just because the bed is different doesn’t mean that you have to change your nightly 

- Consider guard rails. Children have a really hard time getting used to being in a bed. They’re 
used to the boundaries that a crib gives them; children’s beds require them to understand the 
boundaries. If this makes them (or you) anxious, then guard rails may help with the transition. 
It also helps them to keep the feel of being in a crib, especially in mid sleeper and high sleeper 

- Always make use of the “big kid bed” idea. The transition from a crib to a children’s bed is 
always easier if you help your child realize that it is an important part of growing up. They’ll feel 
privileged too! 

If you have any questions or suggestions about transitioning your child from a crib to a children’s bed, 
please let us know in the comments. You can also contact us at www.kidzdens.co.uk; we have plenty of information and beds for you to choose from. 

About the author: KidzDens provide a great range of childrens beds, bedding and furniture available for delivery to your door. Our range includes Junior beds, bunk beds cabin beds.


  1. I never had any problems going from crib to their bed. We would decorate the bed with their favorite plush toys to help them become familiar with it.

    Plus they loved the freedom to be able to wake up and go.

    I agree with the post, I think most enjoy the big kid feeling.

  2. This is always an important step for both children and parents. Lots of good ideas here in your post.


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