Take It From Me: Ten Birthday Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls (Guest Post)

January 9, 2014

Ten Birthday Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls (Guest Post)

Is your teenage daughter having a birthday? Well, give her the best birthday present ever by throwing her one of these awesome teenage birthday parties.
Pamper Packages
Being a teenage girl is, quite frankly, a very trying time. Do I get bangs? Why is my forehead so greasy? How do I get rid of my pimples? Treat her by putting together your own pamper package: different soaps, bath-bombs, organic face masks – these are a sure way to make her feel like a princess on any school night!

Polaroid Camera
It seems we have gone full-circle, and they say history never repeats! The Polaroid has become popular again. There’s something about the instantaneous nature of the camera that has Gen Z buzzing. What’s not to love? The photos are right there, without you having to even apply a filter or frame. This gift will be one of the best birthday presents she recieves (I guarantee it!)t, and as they become increasingly popular, cheaper versions are being released all the time. Keep your eyes peeled; this will be the gift to beat!

As your teenage girl gets older it’s possible that she may also become more interested in her appearance. Makeup, clothes and how clear your skin is all become huge issues that weren’t when she was younger. And as important as it is to her that your teen looks good, it’s important she smells good too! Perfume makes a great birthday present, and doesn’t have to be horribly expensive - you will find plenty of choices at your local department store that don’t break the bank.

Clothing Vouchers
When I was a teenager the idea of my family members buying me clothing was truly terrifying. Ensure you don’t inflict any of the same cringe-inducing torture we’ve all been through in our lives by giving her a gift voucher as a birthday present. It may seem kind of boring, but believe me, she’ll much prefer going to the mall and wandering through the shops to spend her birthday present on something she really loves.

Charm Bracelet
Charm Bracelets are a truly beautiful birthday present and something that a girl will keep forever! They take years to fill up, and that is part of what makes them so special. Start by buying the bracelet, and then as further birthdays, Christmases, and graduations come around – celebrate the occasion by adding charms to her bracelet. It is so a thoughtful and lovely gift that she will get excited for each birthday and the promise of adding to her bracelet.

Photo Album or Canvas
There’s little that a teenage girl loves more than documenting every aspect of her life in a range of “selfies” and photos of food in different filters. Turn this habit into a craft by giving her a photo album or scrapbook-style canvas for her birthday present. This way if she loses her phone or laptop one day, not everything will be lost with it. Besides, going and getting your photos developed is a truly lost art, and is half the fun all on its own!

Music & Phone Accessories
If you know a teenage girl it’s pretty unlikely she doesn’t have either a mobile phone or an MP3 player – and if she does there are quite literally hundreds of different accessories you can gift her to use with these! From phone covers, to mini-amplifiers and sound systems, there are tons of ways for her to personalise her phone or music player. They’re a thoughtful and personal touch.

Create Your Own Instagram Cushion
Speaking of phones and accessories, just about every teenage girl you can think of these days has an Instagram account. And it would seem that someone out there is capitalising on this fact! There are websites (easy to find on Google) which let you take your ‘Insta’ images and turn them into a 3D masterpiece. I hate to say it, but I wouldn’t mind one!

Cooking & Baking Craft
It was in my teenage years that I found my love of baking – there’s something magical about throwing together ingredients which come together as something delicious! If the teen girl in your life hasn’t discovered how much fun she can have in the kitchen yet, my bet is that it will happen soon! And when it does, you could buy her a cookbook or any of the other amazing gift-sets just for cooks and bakers! Is cooking pasta her thing? a pasta-maker! Cupcakes? A set of tins and cases with different piping bags for frosting. And really – it’s the kind of gift that you’ll receive too!

Personalized Sports Hooded Sweatshirt
For the girl who doesn’t have a Varsity jacket just yet – what better to receive than a hoodie with your name monogrammed on it? Very little! This goes for both the girly-girls and the tomboys, we all need something to lounge around in that matches our trackies!

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  2. Oooo that sounds like fun too! I love surprising my kids, it's seriously the best :)

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  4. Thanks for sharing these ideas! My sister's birthday is coming up and I have been trying to think of something to get her this year, so what the post recommended will definitely give me a good start. She showed me some Nicole Polizzi slippers that she wanted so I can probably start from there.

  5. What a fun idea! I'll have to keep in mind this for next season because a blog writer gift return would be so amazing :) I really like the scarf! Harper is beyond lovely.

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