Take It From Me: How to Design an Engagement Ring With Distinction (Guest Post)

January 27, 2014

How to Design an Engagement Ring With Distinction (Guest Post)

Choosing an engagement ring is fundamentally a personal and intimate activity in any woman’s life. Not only does an engagement ring represent a lifetime of love, it also conveys a woman’s unique personality, taste, and style. Most women want their engagement ring to be distinctive, unlike any other. They want it to maintain its allure while sustaining wear-ability that suits their particular lifestyle. Given these natural considerations, what better way to choose a ring than to design your own engagement ring? Further, when you design an engagement ring online it provides a unique opportunity to purchase a customized ring at an affordable price.
Diamonds Really Are a Girl’s Best Friend
Without a doubt, diamonds convey a timelessness and commitment that equals their exquisite beauty. When you design your own engagement ring, you have the opportunity to perfectly match an engagement ring with the wedding band you will select (which may also include diamonds), and maybe even an eternity ring later on. Consequently, choosing a diamond shape and distinctive setting that suits your loved one’s personality offers untold opportunities for creativity.

The best jewelers offering online engagement ring design allow customers to select either a setting first or a diamond shape first. Some women feel strongly about setting, opting for a three-stone design or one with accent stones that set off a larger diamond or a particular diamond shape. Others prefer to choose the cut, color, clarity and weight of the diamond first and design their ring around it. Either way, a jeweler that provides design options expands the potential to create a compelling and distinctive engagement ring that your betrothed will love.

Common Diamond Cuts and Shapes
Jewelers offering customers the ability to design an engagement ring online typically have a wide variety of shapes to choose from. Industry standards for specific gemstone cuts include the following: 

When choosing a diamond from which to design your own engagement ring, select an online jewelry that sells the highest quality diamonds and gemstones providing cut, color, clarity and multiple carat size options. In addition, look for jeweler certifications such as those provided by GIA, EGL, and AGI laboratories. These organizations assure the highest standards in gemstone quality.

Selecting the Finest Metals For an Engagement Ring
When you design your own engagement ring, select a metal that compliments the overall design. It is also important to choose a metal that is durable and compatible with your finance’s lifestyle. Look for metal options in gold such as 14k and 18k white, rose, and yellow, as well as the strength and luster of platinum and palladium.

Finally, when searching for an online jeweler, look for one with exceptional qualities, craftsmanship, and customer service. Additional attributes an exceptional jeweler should provide include free insured shipping, ease of returns, a free warranty, meaningful education and guidance, incomparable pricing, and flexible payment options. After all, when you design your own engagement ring to last a lifetime, you want the very best from all aspects of the sales process, as well as beauty of the ring itself.

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