Take It From Me: Help Your Child Adjust to Glasses in 3 Easy Steps (Guest Post)

January 18, 2014

Help Your Child Adjust to Glasses in 3 Easy Steps (Guest Post)

For a toddler or child, getting eyeglasses is probably not the most fun thing in the world. Instead, they may be annoyed that something is constantly on their face, or may have a hard time adjusting to their active life with eyeglasses. Not to mention, probably none of their favorite television or movie characters wear eyeglasses, so why do they? With encouragement on your part and these three easy steps, you can help your child adjust to children’s glasses and still have fun.
1.Choose the Perfect Eyewear
When you are in the process of choosing glasses for your child, it is important that you take the shape of their face into account. The shape of his or her face can help you determine which frames would be the most flattering for your child. Make sure you allow your child to assist you in picking the eyeglasses. You want to let them choose what color and style they may like to wear. Make it an activity for you and your child to sit down together and look through catalogs or magazines to determine what he or she likes. This will help your child feel like he or she has a part in the process of choosing eyewear and will most likely make it easier for your child to agree to wear them.

2.Help Your Child Be Proud of the New Addition
How your child handles this new addition to their everyday facial wear is up to you. You want them to know that they will get used to the eyeglasses overtime, but that they may feel awkward for a little while. Try to stay calm and don’t make wearing eyeglasses a big deal. You do not want your child to feel like eyeglasses are a sensitive subject or that it will make them different. They should be proud to wear their new eyewear and still feel like they fit in with all the other children. Pointing out some of their favorite celebrities who wear eyeglasses can also help them find a sense of normalcy.

3.Give Your Child Responsibilities
Before you purchase corrective eyewear for your child, sit him or her down and make sure your child knows that the eyeglasses are now his or her responsibility. If your child feels a sense of ownership to the eyewear, he or she is more likely to take care of them by not losing them, making sure they stay clean, and protecting them from getting scratched or broken. If you feel so inclined, let your child know that if he or she breaks the eyeglasses, the cost for new ones will be on them. This may motivate your child to take extra care of them.

For a child, getting eyeglasses could be a big change in their life. It is important that you help them adjust to their new facial accessory and feel like they are still part of their peer group. By following through with these three easy steps, you can help your child find the perfect pair of eyewear for their face, take pride in the new addition, and give them the responsibility of caring for their new eyeglasses.

Article written by Jen Blair of the Sprightly Shopper, Follow her on twitter @sprightlyshopr

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