Take It From Me: Enjoy Your Date Night Without the Kids (Guest Post)

January 19, 2014

Enjoy Your Date Night Without the Kids (Guest Post)

For many parents, date night is a rare occasion. It can be expensive in the first place, as not only will you be paying for dinner, but you also have to pay someone to watch your child. Cost aside, many parents – especially those with young children – have nerves about leaving the kids alone with a sitter. There are a few tools like a nanny cam and a few tips that can help mom and dad enjoy their night away from the kids. Learn how gadgets like a child GPS tracker or a nanny cam can be your best resource.
Plan It
One of the best things to do is to plan your date night well in advance. Clear the calendar. Make reservations. Line up a sitter and even a back-up sitter. The less you leave the chance, the less likely you are to have a pop-up situation that ruins your plans. Think ahead for what the kids will eat, which games they might want to play and how the sitter can easily get them to bed.

For parents who want an outside-the-box alternative to dinner and a movie, try one of these ideas: 

- Recreate your first date night 
- Be a kid again and go to a miniature golf course or bowling 
- Pack up dinner and have a picnic in a park 
- Do something active together, like taking a yoga class followed by coffee 

Date night is the one night where you get to do what you want to do sans kids, so be totally selfish in your planning.

The Sitter
New parents or parents trying out a new babysitter understandably may be a little nervous leaving the house. Thoroughly vetting your sitter will help. Choose someone friends or family recommend. Before hiring the sitter, consider having her over to the house while you are at home so you can observe how she interacts with the children. Install a nanny cam so you can keep an eye on her and your kids. You can also take advantage of a child GPS tracker if the sitter will be taking your kids out of the house to an approved location.

Your Conversation
Once you are out of the house, truly make yourself out of the house. Avoid talking about certain situations with your spouse, such as: 

- The kids 
- Housework 
- Work 

Keep the conversation light and remember to laugh a lot. You are going on a date to enjoy each other, not to figure out your finances or divvy up household responsibilities.

Splurge a Little
Date night is rare, which is all the more reason you should be able to really enjoy it. If you want the lobster, get the lobster. You can make chicken and potatoes anytime at home. Take advantage of having someone else cook for you. Stretch out your time together as much as possible by getting dessert or after-dinner drinks. If you don’t have to go home yet, then don’t go home.

While many parents look forward to a night without the kids, it is inevitable that the children will play a factor into your planning. By having a nanny cam and a good sitter, you can rest assured that the kids are safe. Plan your night ahead of time and keep your conversation light, and you are sure to have an enjoyable evening.

Article written by Jen Blair of the Sprightly Shopper, Follow her on twitter @sprightlyshopr

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  1. I always enjoy date night, especially when the kids stay with grandma and grandpa for the night.

    It is great to get a break and be able to sleep in....which I think I enjoy the most.


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