Take It From Me: Ellore Femme Make Up Brush Kit {Promo Code & Review}

January 27, 2014

Ellore Femme Make Up Brush Kit {Promo Code & Review}

I was once told by a professional makeup artist that when I applied my makeup it was like as if I were painting a picture, only my face was the blank canvas. I had never really thought about it in that way, and fell in love with the concept.

I know many woman who feel that applying makeup is a burden and time consuming, but when looking at it from a different perspective, applying makup is really an art! 

…And like painting, makeup artists need multiple brushes for different techniques. I was very estactic when I received a 24 Piece makeup brush set from Elle Femme for my at home makeup. As I've mentioned numerous times before, I enjoy putting on makeup and have been spoiled with this brush set. 
These brushes are made from high quality bristles: natural soft animal hairs from Persian, horse & synthetic fibers. 
I love the carrying case and how I can take the brushes out quickly and store them easily. It makes doing my makeup a breeze and helps me stay organized as well. I typically would keep my brushes in my makeup bag and somehow I never could find the right ones. It was always a guessing game and I tended to guess wrong before grabbing the right brush that I needed for what I was doing.

Brushes included in this set are:
1 × Large Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush
1 × Large Powder Brush
1 × Powder & Blush Brush 
1 × Large Bevel Contour Brush
1 × Foundation Brush 
1 × Highlight Brush
1 × Large Eye Shadow Brush 
1 × Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush 
1 × Medium-sized Eye Shadow Brush
1 × Eye shadow brush
1 × Medium-sized Bevel Eye Shadow Brush
1 × Nose Shadow Brush 
1 × Small Eye Shadow 
1 × Medium-sized Bevel Eyebrow/eye Shadow
1 × Small Eye Shadow 
1 × Small Bevel Eyebrow / Eye Shadow Brush 
1 × Concealer Brush
1 × Small Fan-shaped Extra-powder Brush
1 × Lip Brush 
1 × Bevel Eyebrow / Eyeliner Brush 
1 × Sponge Eye Shadow Brush
1 × Eyebrow & Eyelash Comb
1 × Eyelash Brush
1 × Fine Eyeliner Brush 
1 × Black Imitation Leather Case

Buy It!

Purchase Ellore Femme 24 piece makeup brush set online HERE!
(Save $120 Off Ellore Femme 24 piece makeup brush set with promo code BL29 which makes the kit only $29.99 (Reg. $149.99)… Amazing deal!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary product/s to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

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